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Drum in the Park


When: weekly – check facebook or calendar of events
Where: Parks around Brisbane.

Learn how to jam. We teach you how to enjoy playing African drums. A great way to get out of your head and into your body. No complex rhythms, just fun and relaxed basics of playing! We have a bunch of drums available, or BYO. Or just come to hang out, and enjoy an hour or two in the park listening to drums. Family friendly, and open to everyone.

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Drum & Ritual Evening


When: Sat 8th October 2016 7pm to 9pm
Where: Balmoral, Brisbane.
Limited space so booking is essential

We are very excited to be launching this new Drum & Ritual evening. Using the Dunun drums, shrine and ritual work, we take you on a journey into the world of indigenous connection, to connect to deeper aspects of our selves.

Or check the Facebook Event here
Or info on the website here

Couples Workshop – ‘Sex & Spirituality’


When: Sat 22nd October 7pm-9:30 pm
Where: Balmoral, Brisbane

In this new, deeper exploring workshop, we will look at Tantra but also aspects of Swinging and Kink as well. Understanding their place in a healthy relationship and ways to approach them safely, that are heartfelt and connecting for both partners, while honoring personal boundaries. We adapt it to the attendees on the night so well worth coming.

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Bodywork Bliss Session


Pamper and indulge yourself in absolute pleasure this month !!!

The Temple Space Bodywork ‘Bliss’ sessions are a 1.5 hour bodywork session for couples or individuals, using ‘energy’ methods & breathe techniques to bring about ‘bliss’ experience into the body. (This is fully clothed and does not involve intimate touch.)

Makes a great gift for someone you know needs it !

For more info check the website Bodywork Info Page

Free Meditation Workshops


When: Tuesday Nights 7pm-8:30pm
Where: Balmoral, Brisbane QLD.
Cost: FREE !!!

Tried meditating and find it too hard? We teach a method that you can do even when you are driving your car!! ‘The Gentle Resonance’ meditation method is an easy way to learn to meditate, and it becomes a part of your daily lifestyle, no need to schedule it again. Everyone needs this!

More info on the web site here
Or the Facebook Events Page here

‘Heart Resonance Soundscape’ CD


Our 1 hour meditation soundtrack available now FREE !!!!

‘The Heart Resonance’, a 1 hour Meditation soundscape we use in our Meditation workshops is now available on Spotify, or can be purchased on ITunes, Amazon or Googleplay and many others.

Available on Spotify here
Available from ITunes here

Grief Retreat In The City


When: Fri 28th Oct – 30th Oct 2016
Where: Balmoral, Brisbane QLD.

This is a 3 day retreat in the city, with an overnight fire & drum vigil on the Saturday night finishing up mid-morning on Sunday. Contact Jodie to find out more about this indigenous based retreat process.

More info on the web site here
Or the Facebook Event here

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Talk about Grief – Coffee Meetups


When: Thursdays 10:30am to 11:30am
Where: ‘End of the Road’ Coffee, New Farm Park, Brisbane.

Come and share your experiences of dealing with grief, or just listen to others share theirs. It helps to talk and often we learn much when we listen. And where better than in the relaxed and natural setting of the beautiful New Farm Park.

More info on the web site here
Or the Facebook Events Page here

Men, come join our Facebook Group
“Ancestral Fire”

A place for us to share our questions, wisdoms, and look at aspects of the male pathway and journey together. The group is growing , be a part of it.


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Business Strategy Sessions

We offer business strategy sessions to ‘dig deep’ and explore in much more detail what is going on for you in your business, as well as your life. Where they integrate or clash with your true purpose, values and goals, and how to evolve to where you really want to be.

Call Jodie on +61(0)407 177 798 for details. (Click to call: +61407177798 )

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