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We are about to take The Temple Space on tour, our dates are:

Brisbane: until May 2017,
West Coast USA: May to August 2017,
UK/Europe: August to October 2017


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Couples Workshop – ‘Sex & Communication’


When: (Contact Jodie to find out more)
Where: Brisbane, Oz: until May 2017, West Coast USA: May to August, UK/Europe: August to October 2017

In small group workshops, or in private session as a couple. We share the wisdoms of Tantra as well as aspects of Swinging, Kink & BDSM that can deepen the connection of any relationship when approached correctly.  Developing comfortable communication is key to exploring experiences available to you when in relationship.
With fun, but without pressure, this workshop can enhance a deeply fulfilling and honest connection with your partner and allow you both to explore the unknown, safely and as much or as little as you both feel comfortable with.

Get in touch if you would like us to arrange a workshop in your area. See our dates above.

Bodywork Bliss Session


When: (Contact Jodie to find out more)
Where: Brisbane, Oz: until May 2017, West Coast USA: May to August, UK/Europe: August to October 2017

Our Bodywork ‘Bliss’ sessions are a 1.5 hour bodywork session for couples or individuals, using Tantra & breathe techniques unique to The Temple Space. We guide you to allow the ‘bliss experience’ into the body.
Just as we take ourselves to massage to have our muscles relaxed and our minds find a calm space in the midst of our busy lives, so the ‘Bodywork Bliss Session’ is a way to re-connect us to what we are capable of when in balance and meditatively energized, simply put it allows us to experience a state of bliss.  (This session is fully clothed and does not involve intimate touch.)

Get in touch with Jodie to find out more.

Free Meditation Workshops


When: Weekly evening sits will be held until May 2017 – contact Jodie for details.
Where: Hamilton, Brisbane, QLD.
Cost: FREE !!!

Tried meditating and find it too hard? We teach a method that you can do even when you are driving your car!! ‘The Gentle Resonance’ meditation method is an easy way to learn to meditate, and it becomes a part of your daily lifestyle, no need to schedule it again. Everyone needs this!

More info on the web site here
Or the Facebook Events Page here

‘Heart Resonance Soundscape’ CD


Our 1 hour meditation soundtrack available now FREE !!!!

‘The Heart Resonance’, a 1 hour Meditation soundscape we use in our Meditation workshops is now available on Spotify, or can be purchased on ITunes, Amazon or Googleplay and many others.

Available on Spotify here
Available from ITunes here

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A place for us to share our questions, wisdoms, and look at aspects of the male pathway and journey together. The group is growing , be a part of it.


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