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We offer a variety of workshops & sessions in ‘core’ practices to deepen understanding of our place in the world, sense of well-being, connection, community, & purpose.

We run regular Meditation & Tantra workshops, Couples work & Men’s Groups, Shrine Design & Ancestralisation workshops as well as weekend Drumming retreats, and much more.

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“Art of Tantra For Couples – Workshop”

Watch the recording above of the webinar explaining our approach to Western Tantra



Men, come join our Facebook Group “Ancestral Fire”

A place for us to share our questions, wisdoms, and look at aspects of the male pathway and journey together. The group is growing , be a part of it.

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‘Dynamic Drumming’ Workshops

Learn to ‘jam’ djembe drums with total confidence. ‘Like’ our Dynamic Drumming Facebook Page to stay informed of coming drum circles, workshops and sessions in the park.

Dynamic Drumming


“Heart Yoga” Tantra Workshops

Come along to one of our “Heart Yoga” Tantra Workshops being held in Australia. Events are posted on The Temple Space Facebook page. We run them weekly in Brisbane and also in Melbourne or Sydney when we are there.

All are welcome, this really is for beginners and is a very safe space to learn and experience the basics of Tantra. Contact Jodie to book a place or find out more.


Free 5-Steps to More Intimacy In Your Relationship

Sign up and over the next 10 days we will send you 5 steps to experiencing a deeper level of intimacy. Includes access to a shared space to talk to others who have been through the steps. Click here to find out more.


The “Gentle Resonance” Meditation Technique Online Training Programme

Learn through our NEW online training program the most effective, and swift method for becoming ‘centered’ in yourself. Ideal for those who find meditating stressful. And best of all, you never need to schedule time to meditate again, you can use the technique during other activities anywhere, anytime.

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