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Everything starts with an chat to get to know where you are currently at and where you think you want to be, what changes you would like to see in your life, and then we look at how our knowledge can be of service to you. Call Jodie now on  +61(0)407 177 798 to find out more.

Some of what we offer:
Meditation workshops, Tantra workshops, 1:1 ‘bodywork bliss’ sessions for singles and couples, Sex & Communication workshops and sessions (including aspects of swinging, kink, bdsm safety and better communication in these areas for couples to explore new ground).
We also run:  Grief retreats, Shrine development workshops, African drum & ritual nights.

These may seem unconnected but actually each area of knowledge supports the others, and is essential to exploring  our deeper purpose, and thereby enriching our journey through life.

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Jodie @ The Temple Space

Jodie is co founder of The Temple Space and will be your first point of contact when enquiring into what The Temple Space can provide for you.

Jodie will take you through an initial consultation, establishing where you are and would like to be in your life. Each person is their own individual and through this process she will help you to develop a pathway specifically designed to meet your wants and needs, reconnecting you back to yourself.

Jodie has always worked closely with people, having been a nurse and midwife for over 10 years. Her ability to be of service to people from all walks of life, providing care, compassion and understanding in states of crisis is an invaluable part of what she provides to her clients on a daily basis.  This has provided her with an amazing ability to support others on their journey and she now brings this to The Temple Space.

When Jodie’s daughter was faced with a life threatening illness, she was forced to ask some deeper questions about what life was about, and where her skills would best be focused. Her exploration of self led her to embrace Tantric  & Shamanic practices completing Shamanic De-armoring and Quodoshka, among other esoteric pathways. Through her in-depth study of these practices she started working with people, supporting them to reconnect to themselves, and embrace the life that they deserve to live.

After meeting Mark and finding their outlook aligning to a common purpose, they began The Temple Space in order to create a business that would allow them both to help people to reconnect to themselves and the lifestyles they were seeking.




Mark Berry @ The Temple Space.

Mark Berry is the founder of The Temple Space.

The Temple Space started in Australia before becoming a global service, and has been in service for over 3 years.

Before establishing The Temple Space, Mark spent a number of years running a successful IT Managed Services business where he gained many insights in helping business owners under conditions of extreme high stress and pressure.

Through his in-depth study into Tantra, Taoist exercises, Meditation practices, Indigenous ‘Technologies’ and other ‘esoteric’ practices, he started working with men and women to focus on ways to improve the essential ‘core’ principles at work in the dynamics of connection with one another.

The work often leads to unprocessed, or unacknowledged, Grief and Shame that invariably lie at the root of what we consider our ‘issues’  and which we often strive to avoid. Unaware that by addressing these areas, we can in fact relieve ourselves of a lot of the anguish we are suffering. This in essence is the purpose of the Temple Space.

Mark migrated to Australia from England in 2007. He considers the turbulent life experiences of his formative years the place where he most learned the skills that he delivers today. Skills that have also helped him develop a pathway of learning for males, that helps to address the fundamental elements lacking in a society that has had no real rite of passage, or initiation for its young males.

Mark has traveled extensively, and worked with indigenous teachers from South America, Africa & India, teachings which provided the foundations to his methodologies and still influence a lot of his approach today.

The Temple Space – ‘Healing through deeper understanding’


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