Bodywork ‘Bliss’ Sessions

These are available for men, women, or as a couple (sessions can take slightly different forms depending on the client needs.)

Time: 1.5 hours (includes introduction and explanation of process )
(Contact us as prices vary)
Expectation: There is no nudity, or intimate touch in The Temple Space Bodywork Bliss Session (see below for more info)

Call Jodie on +61(0)407 177 798  (Click to call: +61407177798 ) and discuss what you would like to know in more detail.

What is in a session?

Through our learning of Western Tantra,  Meditation practices, Tao energy principles, and other modalities, we have developed Bodywork Bliss Sessions unique to The Temple Space. Describing the experience of these sessions is like trying to explain what flying feels like to someone who has never been in an airplane, but this is our attempt to give you an idea of what to expect.

The ‘Experience’

Ultimately a Bodywork Bliss Session leads you to learn about your energy, how it flows and how to get out of the way to let it flow through you quite naturally, and all this is possible without being touched at all by another person ! It is about you NOT what is, or isnt, being done to you.

When it happens you will experience blissful bursts that can leave you feeling a glow of awareness for many hours or even days, and you often feel awakened to your true self in a way that is hard to describe, but you will know why we use the term ‘bliss’ to describe it.

This bliss isn’t sexual, so much as an energetic ‘experience’ and pleasure that happens at a deeper, more fundamental level to what we are used to from sexuality. Our sessions do not guarantee this ‘experience’ because everyone is at a different level of personal evolution, but they definitely lead towards it.

The ‘Experience’ is a term we have coined at The Temple Space to describe the effect we find happens when we have learned to let go to what is essentially a deeper, energetic aspect and potential of our human experience.

So in this regard a Bodywork Bliss Session is the place to start to learn how to let go to a natural aspect of ourselves which allows bliss to flow through our bodies. Learning it here in session, without touch, will then allow us to bring this understanding home to the intimacy we may wish to share more deeply only with our loved ones.

It is important to us that we preserve the sanctity of peoples relationships and do not cross boundaries of intimacy, as there really is no need.


Is a Bodywork Bliss session sexual?

Let us clear up this misconception by saying there is NEVER any need for intimate touch, nor to be naked, in a Bodywork Bliss Session experience with us. 

Most of the clients we speak to really actually want a ‘heart’ bliss experience, not a sexual one, and often the two experiences are confused in the clients perception. What you experience in a session today, you may regret in 6 months time and often this is what we hear from clients who have gone further than they really wanted to, usually based on bad advice or peer pressure.

Yes there is sexual awareness, discussion about sexual energy during the introduction, and boundary definition in our session, but no there is not any sexual connection, touch or any implication towards that whatsoever.

We focus on the heart, use breathing and our understanding of working with ‘energy’ to help you to relax into bliss, allow the ‘experience’ to happen and have a wonderful one and half hours .

Think of it like this…

50 years ago it would be unheard of to go to a remedial massage centre in the city and have a stranger touch your body. This would be considered inappropriate and yet today it is the norm and we understand why we all need to get a massage once in a while. both genders. It makes sense, right?

And neither do we confuse todays remedial massage with a ‘happy ending’ type massage. We understand that difference, and it is the same with Bodywork. Some sell it as a sexual experience, but we definitely do not. Of course it can benefit your love making but that again is not part of the session for the reasons we explained above.

We feel pretty confident to say that in the not-to-distant future when more people understand the process of ‘energy’ moving in the body, and the bliss ‘experience’ we are talking about here, that it will become common place to go to centers where we can connect at this level too.


Still have doubts? Why not check some of the testimonials from past clients on our ‘Praise’ page here also accessed from the About menu at the top of this page.

The Body Bliss Session from The Temple Space is available now, and is a positive step towards having a life of joy, bliss, pleasure and keeping yourself in balance with hard work and a busy life.

Call Jodie on +61(0)407 177 798  (Click to call: +61407177798 ) and find out for yourself.

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