Learn to Meditate using
‘The Gentle Resonance’ Method

(Free Workshops or On-line course, see details below)

We are currently running a FREE meditation workshops every Tuesday throughout 2016 in Brisbane.
Contact Jodie on 0407 177 798 if you wish to come along.

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About the “Gentle Resonance” Meditation Method

It takes less than 1 hour to learn the method and you never have to schedule time again, do it while going about your normal daily routines.

  • Simple, effective, swift technique (You will be working with it within 30 minutes)
  • No need to schedule time, this technique can be applied while you work or play!
  • Developed to match the modern day mind and lifestyle
  • Ideal for people who find ‘meditation’ stressful
  • Teach your kids too, use the provided soundscape in the car on journeys
  • Free download of the  ‘Heart Resonance Soundscape.MP3’ audio file included.

This is a technique developed by The Temple Space after years of dedication to meditation knowledge and relevant practices.

It is designed to help the modern day person with a busy lifestyle to achieve a calm and centered state, but without the need to stick to scheduled sits.


The ‘Heart Resonance’ Meditation Soundscape is now available to stream on Spotify, or download for your personal use from ITunes or Amazon, visit our Music Downloads page – www.thetemplespace.com/music-downloads


Comments about the method:

‘The best thing about it is that I never have to schedule meditation time… It took my meditation to a new level. ‘ – Scott B

“This is absolutely hands down one of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve inner quiet. ” – Mark @ The Temple Space

Short 2 min explanation of the method

We also have a 1 hour program to learn it that can be accessed on-line, and it is FREE ! So sign up below and you will get immediate access to that.

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