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‘Heart Resonance’ Soundscape Meditation – 1 hour

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This is the same soundscape used in the ‘Gentle Resonance’ Meditation Technique  workshops

If played during meditation sits it will help anchor the feeling into your body, and so speed up the process of bringing about a relaxing state when you next need it, simply by playing it.

The soundscape is designed using layered and textured sounds that move in and out of phase, all in a particular key associated with the heart centre. We use this at the start of all of our workshops to create a relaxing space and help people become calm & focused.

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We Are Spirits of Fire, Drums, Riddum & Lwa” is an EP of drum rhythms inspired by Vodou rhythms of Haiti and recorded by The Temple Space using Dunun and Djembe drums. We use these tracks and other drum rhythm tracks as backing rhythms to ceremonies and workshops especially in trance dance work, and Ancestral and grief rituals often run by The Temple Space.

To find out more get in touch with us via the contacts page or on Facebook.

Guided Meditation 1 – “Allowing Feelings to Unfold in the Body”

Produced: The Temple Space
 20 minutes
Audio File Format: 128Kbps .mp3 file download.
Price: $5 AUD

This is the first in the series, and is 20 minutes playing time of guided meditation to relax you, and allow you to sink into yourself and let go of whatever is emotionally charged within you.

The background music is ‘Music for Manatees’ by Kevin MacLeod , and over the top of this a male voice that will guide you through the meditative process.

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