Praise from clients:

‘It truly is an experience worth being part of…’

Heart Tantra was a beautiful experience for both my partner and myself. We were able to stop and take the time out to experience each other’s energy in a way that felt so familiar and so warm. Being able to do this in a mixed group meant we could experience other’s energy also – in a way that felt natural and real and unfamiliar, yet eternally familiar. Like the energy of the whole. It was utterly non-threatening and completely comfortable. Being still gave us the opportunity to feel where we were each at, and where others were at energetically too – no words, no conclusions and no other form of communication. It truly is an experience worth being part of. Namaste xo – Cordelia

‘I can instantly take myself back to the state of being…’

I committed to the session with Mark with no expectations and having no idea what to expect. I didn’t want anything specific out of it, but I did trust Mark as soon as I met him. The session was very comfortable and took my mind to places it hadn’t been before. It was exhilarating. I connected so strongly with the universe that I can instantly take myself back to the state of being, every night as I go to sleep. My sleep is much more peaceful, I am much calmer. I wasn’t aware of the anxiety that I did have before and now it is totally gone. – Emma Monro CEO @ Sales VA

‘It felt like coming home to myself…

…Having sessions made things a lot clearer for me. I feel a lot more grounded now and I can access a calm inside. Before I felt like there was an internal war going on. It’s really helped me become more aware of the way I deal with the men in my life. I am more myself, and that is directly a result of the sessions. I would definitely recommend a Temple Space session to any woman. ‘ – Bec, Brisbane

‘Thanks for being you…’

Thanks, Jodie, for being you, I feel so fortunate to have met you – it is a privilege being mentored / coached by someone so wise, intuitive and energetically beautiful ! – Hilke, Melbourne


‘Connecting you to your best asset, YOU!’

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