Kamalatmika — The Goddess of Delight

Kamalatmika — The Goddess of Delight

Kamala, or Kamalatmika, is the 10th Wisdom Goddess from the Mahavidya Tantric Hindu teachings and represents the Goddess of Delight.

She is the last, but in some ways also the first Goddess to tune into when learning about the Mahavidya, the 10 Wisdom Goddesses. The Mahavidya are meditations. The Goddess represents knowledge that we can meditate upon until it is realised within us.

In short, Kamala represents the divine found within the ordinary. One method to meditate upon her is to contemplate the light of the sun, not for its physical powers to nourish, but for it’s ability to develop virtue and intelligence. A subtlety, maybe, but in meditating on the Mahavidya, it is the subtleties that leads us into deep understandings.

Inspired by the Mahavidya meditations, I decided to write an album and used the theme of Kamalatmika as the basis of it. (A link to the album is at the bottom of this post).

I spent about 2 years learning of the wisdom of the Mahaviyda as a meditation form. I don’t pretend to understand them fully but they have been invaluable for me in understanding some aspects of the art of meditation.

I really enjoyed making this album and a lot of the sounds you hear in it are representing aspects of the image presented by the Kamala and things that came to me while meditating and listening as I developed it, but I will leave you to listen and make your own mind up how well I have captured her presence.

The symbol you see in the artwork above is a mixture of a photo of mine from a beautiful part of the world and very remote that can only be reached by kayaks that is in Australia, and the overlay is that of the Yantra for Kamalatmika which is part of the meditation practice to focus upon while chanting the sanksrit words associated with her. In a later mastering of the album I changed the artwork and that is the one that saw final release. The symbols in the one above represent various aspects of universal truths, energy and design.

A great book if you want to learn more about the Mahavidya and how to meditate on them, is by Dr David Frawley and is called Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda check his site out to find out more.

I hope you enjoy the music. You can stream it here, or visit markberry.bandcamp.com to download this and many other music works by Mark DK Berry

Listen to the album here:

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