Book: The Experience, A Gentleman’s Guide to Threesomes. (Available on Amazon)

A Gentleman’s Guide to Threesomes

Exploring Relationship, Sexual Energy & Western Tantra 

“Going uneducated into a threesome is like a one-armed man trying to navigate Cape Horn in a blindfold and in a dinghy.” — Most men who have tried.

Charting a course through the straits of a threesome without becoming dashed on the rocks of despair has long been the dream of many a man. In this book, revealed for the first time, are a set of guidelines as important for women to know as they are for men. Whether it be couples on a journey to explore their desires or curious singles bound for sexual adventures on the high seas, what lies within these pages is a map, a chart, a pathway. Explanations and explorations to get you safely through to the mysterious world that lies beyond, on the waves of sexual energy. The map is documented within these pages, and defined by ‘The Experience’.

Who hasn’t wondered what a threesome would be like? It is the ultimate fantasy that very rarely becomes reality, and for those men and women who dare to try it, how many of them end up considering it a success? The answer is very few indeed, but the real question is why?

This book is far more than just an instruction manual for a successful threesome, it is a guide through the difficult dynamics at play between men and women, and the confusion that comes from attempting to engage others in our fantasies. When you reach the end of this book and fully grasp what is presented within its pages, without doubt you will be able to have a successful threesome, but there is something even greater on offer here that we have come to refer to as “The Experience”. A prized state of being, a heightened sexual experience that can occur once we fully understand the ways in which sexual energy functions and have grasped a basic understanding of Western Tantra such as it is presented in this book. We can then engage the tools presented here in order to confidently navigate the challenging and uncharted waters where emotion, relationship, and sexual exploration meet.

“The Experience” is more than just a crass sexual fantasy, it is a pure, energetic, meditative state that anyone can engage in once they understand how.

This book is the culmination of over 10 years work and study into the sexual arts, not only for personal pleasure but in a professional capacity as well. The knowledge gained from our time spent immersed in the world of Swinging and BDSM, as well as the many years spent running Tantra workshops and personal sessions helping people understand the dynamics of their sexual relating, all led to this book demanding to be written. There is a gathering of information and wisdom here that has not been available in one place, until now. We bring it all together in this book to help the curious reach towards the sublime states of blissful experience that are within our potential as sexual beings.

Everything you need to explore your fantasies safely from within relationship are presented within these pages. We not only provide everything you need to understand why threesomes very rarely work out for the average person, but we give detailed practical steps and guidelines on how to prepare, plan, and engage in more open communication around your sexuality, and how we can learn better ways to relate to one another on a deeper, energetic level. The Experience serves as the gemstone, the gold, the prize, and this book is the map that can serve to get you there. The final frontier of uncharted human endeavour is not outer space or the bottom of the oceans, it is within us, and it is found in the mysterious force at the core of all our beings, that is sexual energy.

This eBook is available now on Amazon [click here]

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