Female HypoAgency & The Male Biological Imperative

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Female HypoAgency & The Male Biological Imperative

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Two years ago, just after the #MeToo campaign got started, I wrote a long and feisty article titled: Female HypoAgency: Pink Patriarchy, our Orwellian Big Sister [steemit article].

Female HypoAgency was a new concept to me at the time, and I was investigating everything I could to understand what was going on between men and women that was creating such volcanic reaction and drama.

I was also trying to understand my own position in the MeToo campaign, as I am sure many of us were. I felt men were being unfairly targeted, but could not understand why. On the surface it looked genuine, but it felt wrong.

Now that the initial MeToo furor has died down, I wanted to revisit the subject again because it seems that the underlying forces at work have completely failed to surface in a way that makes it all better understood. There has been no solution, just vengeance reaped, and only on men and only in certain sectors. Why? Why have we not improved anything in our communication and consent?

Female HypoAgency and The Male Biological Imperative are two forces that work together and need to be understood if we are to unravel MeToo, then make good changes, and ultimately progress. Men and women both have their part to play, and maybe that got missed, it certainly seems like it.

Female HypoAgency

Female HypoAgency allows women to switch between being an Object (Victim) or an Agent (Independent woman in charge of her choices). In short they can play powerful woman in charge of her own destiny in one moment, and then play innocent victim the next, all based on how it suits them at the time (I will explain this in more detail through this article).

This switchable ability gives them Plausible Deniability by default. For example, a woman does not have to give consent, it is the man’s job to get it. If he fails, he is held responsible for the sex act and she is not. If they are both drunk, he is considered the perpetrator and she the victim if she failed to give clear verbal consent yet went ahead anyway and changed her mind later.

With sexual consent, males are by default given the burden of being the responsible adult, a woman bears no personal responsibility in the act, other than to respond to a male by answering yes or no. They don’t even have to respond, there is no crime for not responding.

This leaves the burden of responsibility 100% on the male. This issue applies not just to sex, but to education, the workplace, and clothing, or the lack thereof. Whatever women do, it then falls to men to be responsible for the outcomes. This is not Equality. 

Men can only ever be Agents (Perpetrators), they are never thought of as Objects (Victims), most especially in a dynamic which involves a woman. All women can use Female HypoAgency but this does not mean that they do. 

Interestingly, if men become Trans, they can get access to Female HypoAgency. This then entitles them to play the Object (victim), and one wonders if it is partly why they choose to become “female”.

Another common example of the value of Female HypoAgency is in how we perceive women physically hitting men as okay, people even find it funny. While men hitting women is considered Domestic Violence. Many people believe women are not violent, but I personally know men who have been permanently damaged by intimate partners and their physical attacks on them. I also know one man who died as a result of neglect by Feminist controlled therapists and a lack of access to a support system that does not cater to men because it sees men as the problem.

Yet another example, is seen in men raping women which is called rape, while women raping men is called “having sex with”. There is not even a word for it, in fact many Feminists claim it does not happen, but it does, and a lot. It happened to me, and many other boys at my school when I was nine years old being sexually targeted by a female Nurse. Female teachers often target children sexually, the papers are full of such stories. Yet legally a woman cannot rape a man, or a child, and so there is no law against it. Rape only applies to men (Agents) doing something to women (Objects), and yet we know countless women are caught raping minors, but the word “rape” is never used in the media or in law because the act does not currently exist for women. This is yet another example of Female HypoAgency.

To compound the problem…

The Male Biological Imperative

When Female HypoAgency meets The Male Biological Imperative (the male urge to sacrifice himself to protect women and children) it creates an amplified condition that has a dark side – women can then play on men’s desire to rescue them, they can play the victim. Our culture even has a saying to support it – “women and children first”.

Men will sacrifice themselves in an instant to rescue a woman, simply because all men are instinctively driven by the male biological imperative to protect women for the greater good of the species. It is programmed into us by Nature. We even feel good doing it! This feeling of reward is so deeply ingrained in our psyche that we do not even see ourselves engaging in it, and certainly do not see a problem with it.

Some of us have started to become aware of a side-effect though, and the Urban dictionary has jokingly come to call women taking advantage of Female HypoAgency as, “using the Pussy Pass”, but as much as that is a joke term, it is a very real dynamic and very common. Many women will be surprised to find there are consequences for their actions when they don’t get away with using Female HypoAgency.

The Unholy Trinity

Unfortunately the two complementary dynamics Female HypoAgency and The Male Biological Imperative have taken a dark turn in our culture, in part because men are no longer needed to protect women against a potential threat of war. As a result Feminism has risen to take more and more power, and this rise has happened in direct correlation with peace-time.

Due to the compounding nature of the trinity of Peace-time, Female HypoAgency,andThe Male Biological Imperative, this has led to three powerful forces driving us towards a situation that has given rise to an unchecked Feminist tyranny.

Feminism is a billion dollar industry that has started to take over modern society and target Alpha Males, while emasculating men into more subservient Beta Males. All the while claiming this is of benefit to society. But there many are errors in this assumption, not least of all the underlying intent of Feminism which is about Power, not Equality as it claims.

(A fantastic 30 minute video explanation from Karen Straughan can be found at the end of this article if you don’t have time to read the rest of this it or prefer to listen to explanations.)

What has changed since MeToo?

The first thing I noticed, is that it is easy to find definitions and examples of MeToo, I doubt there is a person alive that has not heard of it. This should be a good thing, consent and respect should be a discussion we all have. But it has definitely been completely one-sided. All about women, nothing much about men.

We all followed the ensuing dramas of Harvey Weinstein and the fall of many other famous men since, but interestingly, it is still far from easy to find a good definition of the opposite behaviour, that of Female HypoAgency. The only way to do so, is by venturing into the Men’sRightsActivism areas, and who want’s to do that, right? Even they don’t really get it either, they are often too busy being angry or feeling denied their right to be a victim.

There is also very sad aspect that has been amplified by MeToo and it is the mistaken Feminist concept that –

All women are born innocent victims, and all men are born guilty perpetrators.

What does this tell us?

Firstly that no one actually much cares about what is driving the dynamics between men and women, but that we sure do enjoy a good sexual drama on the News. The #BelieveWomen spin-off made it even worse. For any man who has been falsely accused by women, it was a slap in the face of justice.

Secondly, as a result of this one-sided drive and disparity, hardly anyone actually acknowledged what is behind the dynamics, and certainly no-one acknowledged men’s experiences at the hands of women.

Thirdly, increasingly young women are being taught that nothing is ever their fault, and everything is instead the fault of men. Some convenient labels for women to address it quickly to portion blame and absolve themselves of any personal responsibility, have now sprung up and we get battered with them all the time – The Patriarchy, Toxic Masculinity, Misogyny.

Zero Female Complicity

But what of female complicity? It’s as if it does not exist at all! There is an obvious reason for this. Feminism has billions of dollars at its disposal along with countless support systems, while men have nothing. Literally, nothing. The marketing machine is against us.

Investigation of MeToo incidents still seems to stop at “Blame the Patriachy” and the presumption that – “It is all men’s fault”. Men get laid off, women get let off. Men are targeted, women are forgiven. Men are guilty by default, women are innocent by default. Asio Argento, Amber Heard, Cardi B, all guilty of crimes that would carry jail time if it was done by men. They have all been let off. Cardi B was even given “Woman Of The Year Award” despite openly admitting to drugging, robbing and yes raping men, though they call it “having sex with” when its done by a woman [link here]

In this regard, nothing much has changed, it has just got worse, especially for men.

But for those of us in the know, there has also been a gradual shift towards better understanding of the problems, and Female HypoAgency compounding with The Male Biological Imperative is beneath a lot of it.

What has changed from a male perspective?

Other men have started sharing their experiences since MeToo, the good and the bad, we have started to talk to each other and to listen. So in that respect it has been progressive for us, even if in part that has been to protect ourselves from the less salubrious women out there, along with all the Male Feminists that have since sprung up to fight on their behalf.

For myself, the last two years have been spent trying to understand my position, and why I was so immediately and instinctively against MeToo from the start.  I now know why. I was disgusted by it, to be honest, and still am because women seem to continually refuse to take any personal responsibility for their actions in this area. I experienced sexual abuse from men and women growing up, and I have dated some absolute horrors along the way (as well as some lovely women, of course).

I did not agree with the MeToo campaign at all, because I knew it completely ignored the complicity of women in their actions. It made out that only men were to blame, and that women were completely innocent. 

That made no sense, but I lost a lot of friends for expressing my position, and I was constantly berated by women for mentioning my point. I was constantly told that I was not listening to women, but from my perspective, I was not being listened to. The more I observed this, I soon realised that this dated back much further than just MeToo, and that actually my entire life had been spent being told I needed to listen to women, while actually never being listened to by them.

Feminism has made men’s experiences not only less important than women’s but completely unimportant. While women’s experiences have been elevated to “essential listening” to the point that if women don’t have their victim-story, there must be something wrong. This is something we have been hearing for at least the last 50 years. How hard women have it. This is rubbish, it’s been equally hard for men, albeit in different ways.

The unexpectedly curious revelation for me when I started looking into this, was how much I had been lied to by Feminism, and women, and how much I had bought into it every time. It was seemingly very easy to convince me, Why? Partly Mummy Issues. We all want to please and impress the feminine! But also a huge part of it was The Male Biological Imperative. I wanted to believe women were “sugar and spice and all things nice”, I wanted to save them, rescue them, sacrifice myself for them, to be a man for them. This made me vulnerable to being tricked by them.

Women Don’t Like To Give Consent Directly

There is a catch with the MeToo issue. Most men have not been taught how to approach sex (nor women, but they can use Female HypoAgency and leave it to the man’s responsibility). Men have not been taught how to communicate about it, or how to get consent. We have only ever been told that is what we have to do. But try asking a woman for sex outright and see what happens.

We are told by Feminists that it is easy to get consent, but it isn’t at all. Women will never say “yea sure, fuck away dude.” They say things like “mmm” or nothing at all. They love to be vague because it leave them safely able to use Female HypoAgency later and gives them Plausible Deniability. They are trained in this from a young age. Women rarely give clear consent verbally and if you ask, they often shut down because they know it is putting the responsibility on them. Not all women, but definitely a large proportion of young women are like this.

Men get conflicting information on this subject of consent. If we are direct, we are told we are passion killers. If we use the number one most popular female literature on sex “50 Shades of Grey” or Vikings as a guide line, we will be going to prison without a doubt. So…how come guys are supposed to know what women want and how to talk about it with them all of a sudden? It’s ridiculous. No one knows. I know lesbians that complain about women being difficult to get with.

MeToo certainly forced us to look at all this, but it also wants us to carry the cross of our past mistakes, before we even knew what a mistake was. And then Feminism expects men to magically know how to deal with vague consent from women. Nothing has changed. MeToo changed nothing, it just made it harder for men and gave women more power to play Female HypoAgency and avoid any of the responsibilty.

Guilty as charged, your honour

I also had to accept that I have not been as innocent as I would like to think I have been where women are concerned. I have perpetrated all sorts of trickery in an attempt to get laid. MeToo applies to me too. Before you stop reading, no I never raped or molested anyone. But I did work on ways to get women to agree to sex. Attrition is one such tool. Guilty as charged. Nothing criminal though, let me be clear about that. I could write an entire book on this subject and probably will.

I certainly do not use those old PUA methods now, and I consider the MeToo campaign to have drawn a line in the sand for all of us (both genders) because it marked the point beyond which any of us could use the excuse that we did not know what we are doing.

It is now our duty to learn, and to take responsibility. Men and women, it is time to get educated. Your species needs you.


In terms of finding people guilty for their past behaviours, Presentism should also be considered before judging anyone on events that occurred before the MeToo campaign. We have been through a huge shift.

Sadly, it seems Feminism wants vengeance and to replace the men in power, not Equality or mutual progress. For most of the protagonists it is not about working with men to find ways to improve consent, but simply targeting men for past behaviours measured by the new rules of engagement.

Feminism is always aimed at creating a clearly defining a victim of the female, and a perpetrator in the male, but is it all really that simple? No. It is NEVER that simple!

Women are often complicit, even if Female HypoAgency enables them to play the victim later when it suits them. Which is exactly what the majority of the famous MeToo “victims” have done. It was a shit-show of attention seeking, but we will get to that shortly.

What ever happened before MeToo should be judged on it’s own merit. While what happens since MeToo can certainly be judged more diligently according to the new rules of engagement left in the wake of the MeToo campaign. But it also needs an honest look at the dynamics involved on both sides of the gender spectrum, and that has not happened yet. 

I do not believe that is happening at all. The blame-it-all-on-the-men narrative remains doggedly prevalent, while completely overlooking a lot of the tactics women employ using Female HypoAgency. This just highlights the willing ignorance shown by people who are actually more interested in Power, than in Equality.

It is high time that was being called-out too. Where the hell is the Equality!!! Women have been complicit in most interactions, and so far, that revelation has avoided scrutiny.

Communication from both sides before sex

There is no longer an excuse not to communicate about sex, but that includes women too.

It is not an excuse to make men do all the work of getting consent while playing dumb to their part in letting it happen. You just can’t expect to get away with that wall-flower approach anymore, and this has obviously presented a problem, because to do that requires admitting responsibility.

It turns out MeToo was a double edged sword, because women are simply not allowed to demand sex in our culture, and they get tarnished if they do. To do so would also take away the ability to be an Object (Victim) and stick her firmly in the Agent (Perpetrator) camp. If she then illicits sex or seeks consent, then that is taking responsibility, and then she can no longer hide behind Plausible Deniability.

This would seem fair, Equal even, sharing the responsibility of getting/giving consent. But still men are being burdened with the responsibility and women are being let off. Especially when drink is involved. This is not the Equality that Feminism claims to be seeking, nor has promised us. We have been clearly conned.


Women want sex, but they risk their status to admit it

Unfortunately admitting to sexual desire, or acting on it, impacts women’s status negatively in our culture. And not just by men, but from other women. Women are a woman’s worst enemy, men are just incidental for the most part. But MeToo has happened. There is responsibility to be had now, otherwise it will backfire on the women that it should be helping.

This was in part why I was so against it, because I could see how it was going to remove the opportunity for women to remain passive in the engagement, they would no longer be able to get men to approach them in a dominant way, because we now risk legal issues later on to do so. And this has played out exactly as I expected it would.

I hear more and more men afraid of women, and what they can do, just by making a false claim. This has then backfired on women, unless they enjoy solitude and living alone in their Agency (strong, independent woman with no man). But then this was the aim of Feminism all along – the destruction of the traditional relationship, just ask Erin Pizzey who was involved in Feminism since the beginning in 1970’s UK.

So, women need to become more overtly sexual, more overtly communicative about wanting sex and clear about consent, or, you’ll simply have go without because it is not worth the risk to us men. MeToo did that.

I actually think this is a good thing, or could be eventually. We all need to be more vocal about our desires, (and I have co-written a book on that, the second edition will be out in 2021 – [link here].)

So the double-edged nature of the MeToo sword now requires that women need to stop acting like speech-incapacitated victims (Objects), or pretend that sex is only ever done to them. MeToo has removed their right to fall back on Female HypoAgency as an excuse. If you want us, you are going to have to come and get us, and bring a lawyer along with you. MeToo did that.

But wait, of course you can still deny responsibility – Female HypoAgency still works, and men still run The Male Biological Imperative to let you get away with it, and no one sees these dynamics at work every day in our culture. So, for now, the ladies willing to take no personal responsibility can all have a free reign until men figure this out.

You want sex? Get me a lawyer first

There is no pretending, false accusation’s will destroy a man’s life even before it goes to court. We have seen the damage it has done, and we have heard women being incredibly righteous about that. We have been tried, and found guilty in the public domain by the mob.

If I was a young man today, there is no way I would go near a woman without some kind of proof that I did not force myself upon her. It is not worth the risk. MeToo did that.

MeToo has been a total failure, because men can’t feel safe to approach women anymore without being really sure she is not going to go off later. If we do, we’ll risk losing our jobs and going to prison on the whim of a woman’s comment. Men are now guilty until proven innocent, and even when proven innocent, our lives will have been destroyed in the process, if she so desires to do that. And some do. It’s the Ultimate Power, and it is in the hands of women, not The Patriarchy, and yet, apparently The Patriarchy is still the problem? 

But eventually people will start to understand these dynamics and hopefully then finally address them. Until then, men need to be really careful what they do, what they say, and definitely get witnessed proof of consent.

My advice to young men is literally, never be alone with a strange woman you do not trust, and get a lawyer witnessing contracts with the ones that you do. I am not joking.

Sexual Dynamics: The “Passive” Myth 

The hardest part of it all, and the part that people still completely fail to grasp, is the area that has seen far less change, which is in understanding the dynamics and power-play behind the passive person’s involvement in any sexual interaction. It always takes two to tango, unless it is actually rape.

Women are still considered the Object (victim) in almost all sexual interaction by default. Their Agency in engaging in sex, attracting it, driving it to happen, can be immediately removed by them playing the Object (passive victim it was done to) at any time during, before or long after.

According to our culture, sex is always done TO women. How convenient. Women get to retain Plausible Deniability just by acting passive. None of this is true, though, it is all down to the switching ability afforded them by Female HypoAgency. They maybe appear passive, but they knew what they were doing when they were playing with male attention trying to get it.

At what point in the journey to getting naked, and ending up with a penis inside you, are you responsible for that event, as a female? A naked man did not just fall on top of you and all your clothes fell off. You were complicit in getting there.

In BDSM, the Submissive runs the show

In BDSM world, it is well known that the person that controls the BDSM scene is the Submissive, the seemingly passive role. This is a crucial truth if we are to understand the dynamics at work in MeToo, or all female-male dynamics for that matter.

Men always chase women, we always have and always will. Women always lure men’s attention and compete for it, they always have and always will. BDSM works on these assumptions but the dynamic is more between Yin and Yang. A polar dance of complementary energy. Yin is feminine and passive, while Yang is masculine and active. The gender then becomes irrelevant. The Dominant and the Submissive then become key roles, and in that situation, the Submissive runs the show, or should if it is to be done safely. They call the shots, stop, start, go.

But think about that, because it applies in the real world too. The Object is in control in Female HypoAgency, because the Object is also the Agent who is running the show. This is true of social dynamics and always has been. Women are the arbiters of society, they run the demands on the money earner, and always have.

The passive power is in control in sex, because they get to say yes or no. They are the power outside the circle of action. Men chase, but they get denied by the gatekeeper, the woman.

Men also do a lot of bidding on the behalf of women. Women use men to achieve what they want. The Patriarchy was always working for the Feminine in this sense, powerful men went to bed at night and listened to the demands of their wives, or there would be trouble.

There are countless examples throughout history of this dynamic in action, from Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, to the story of Hellen of Troy, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Zelda Fitzgerald and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and many other public examples that demonstrate this phenomenon are easy to find.

Aggressive Females That Play Victim

MeToo and Feminism, has also now ensured the right of women to provoke sexuality from men, all without being questioned on that behaviour. And this deliberate drive seems to have increased exponentially since MeToo began.

Asio Argento is a good example of a woman that targets men aggressively but still manages to be considered the victim. She even raped a child, but she has since been “let off” because she is a woman. No one cares, society doesn’t really see it as a crime when it is done by a woman to a man. Cardi B the female rapper, drugged men, robbed them and raped them. Completely using Female HypoAgency to claim she “had to do it” because she was poor. She was also just recently made Woman of the Year 2020 despite admitting to all those crimes! How is this even possible?

Women now have a free reign to aggressively target men and get away with it. While men are destroyed on accusations alone. This is criminal negligence. It is certainly not Equality. Has everyone gone insane?

Women are now shoving it in our faces. It is now called being the independent, brave woman, and that men best accept it. Men are now encouraged to become Beta Males, emasculated, non-toxic and subservient to Feminism. We are expected to behave like servant Eunuchs. There is something startlingly ignorant in this idea.

Yoga-pants Syndrome – The Sexual Harassment of Men

The cultural thermometer I use to measure the society levels of female entitlement by – in the context of Female HypoAgency – I have teasingly come to refer to as Yoga-pants Syndrome

Vajay and ass-hugging rouched Yoga pants have become common place in public. They are designed to accentuate and draw attention to the vagina and the buttocks.

The cultural standard seems to be complete denial of the fact that women are walking around in public with their ass crack and vagina split on display. “Her body, her choice”, you say? Okay but “my mouth, my voice” and I think you should put some fucking clothes on, I don’t want to see your snatch, thanks.

But in reality that is just women showing a complete disregard for personal responsibility on the effect of they have on the many men that are likely starved of all human contact and out in the world. Women who wear these kind of clothes, could not give a flying fuck about anyone but themselves. All they care about, is the attention they are getting.

Apparently it is done for her alone, not men at all. Okaaaay, if you think that is harmless you carry on, but the truth is, it is done to compete with other women for male attention. This is true, in that it is not done for men at all, it is done to men to force their attention. Men are just objectified commodities in this sense. Hit points on the way to the gym. But was this not the issue women complained about themselves, not wanting to be objectified? Hypocritical, much?

Anyway, this is also why men are generally attacked for looking, they do not want our response they want our attention only. That is the score point they desire – to have an effect and then be left alone. Women do not want men to act on it, they just want to know they had the effect. The Objectification and abuse of men, while exhibiting an absolutely self-centred sense of Entitlement and taking zero personal responsibility for the effect you have on the people sharing the mutual public space and environment. Charming. Go with that, but don’t expect my respect.

This is, of course, Female HypoAgency in action. Agent (Her body, her choice) while she is marching virtually naked to the gym, alone at night through the park. Then Victim (Object) the moment she gets noticed by a male who is not on her list of high-value males (e.g. Fireman, or buff Gym instructor), and especially if he dares interact with her on the signal that normally in nature would be considered deliberate attraction. You are wearing next to nothing to get my attention, but then you don’t want my attention when it has an effect that you knew it would have? Conveniently in society now, any interaction with a woman is classed as harassment. Remember when men could wolf whistle women? Illegal. Prison. Those Yoga-pants rammed up the crack, is what should be illegal.

If you could put language to what those yoga pants are saying, it would go something like this.

“Look at me, look at me! I am an independent woman, fearless and brave and here is the outline of my vagina and ass to get you looking. LOOK AT ME!”

but when you do look, this is now followed promptly by –

“What the fuck are you looking at. RAPIST. CALL THE POLICE. HARRASMENT!”

Talk about mixed signals. That is how it feels as a man dealing with the Agency of women who pretend to be innocent Objects of our desire, while at the same time deliberately provoking sexual attention from us, demanding it aggressively, and then attacking us for it when we respond in exactly they way they wanted. MeToo did that. 

But yes, absolutely, men are being targeted for their attention with this Yoga-pant Syndrome. And especially by younger women who think they have the right to do so without consequence. Entitled behaviour. And this is all thanks to Feminism and the fear that MeToo has instilled in men.

There is another rule at play here – Men are not allowed to mention this obvious fallacy in our midst. How convenient.

Even this current discussion on Yoga pants is not permitted, simply because I am a man. To mention tight-fitting Yoga pants being worn in public makes me a perpetrator and borderline rapist. I have been kicked out of Men-only Facebook groups [like this one, thanks Brett!] for arguing this point. That is how bad it is in our society right now.

This, is not a good change. In this regard female independence has become vicious, deliberate, and a sexually antagonistic attack on men. Teasing us to get our attention, and then abusing us, or simply starving us of further connection (or rewarding us), is what the feminine has control over. Females are rapidly becoming unconscious tyrants. Yoga-pant Syndrome has become a currency of attention for women to manipulate men without consequence.

But in the process it hurts them too, they just don’t realise it. They don’t join the dots. It will backfire on young women. Not in the obvious way of them getting molested, so much as them becoming so distant from any real connection with males in their heart, that they become isolated in their attention-seeking syndromes using their vagina and ass to get attention. Loneliness is not a solution either. Instagram versions of women creating ridiculous looking avatars is just a the tip of the iceberg.

Corporate Feminism: Simply Because Vagina

Corporate Feminism has now crept powerfully into the very arena in which the majority of men were targeted by the MeToo campaign – Hollywood. Is this a coincidence? No, of course not. The whole point was a Feminist take-over, so the targeted males no longer have any power in the media realm. And it’s been a brilliant coup.

Feminist message movies and TV series are cropping up all the time now. It is another way to educate the young about the “wonders” of Female HypoAgency. Women do men, better than men do men… in the movies. The impact in reality will be somewhat more confused.

Women will never do the grunt jobs of society, go to war, or deal with the collapse and rebuilding of society if it happens. Men will do all that, because only men can. Women will need Beta Males to perform all the menial difficult jobs that they don’t want, or can’t do, but they probably wont know how by then. And women now get all the jobs that they do want, the positions of power, not through merit, but because they have a vagina.

Political Correctness in Corporate world has also stealthily become something of a dictatorship. University now lets women in to sign-up before men can, and ensures that more women are being placed than men. Is this Equality? And top roles in businesses now require that certain numbers of women be given those positions that they have not necessarily earned, but be given it simply on the merit of having a vagina.

This is actually discrimination not Equality. But that concept is sure to fall on deaf ears because of the belief, and message, that The Patriarchy is the problem. In a world allegedly run by men, the claim is that it needs to be over-thrown by women at all costs. Cheers go up constantly at this idea from Feminist camps. It’s like a knee-jerk response from women these days, “woohoo we beat another guy at something!” Oh, how savage of you. But this is the excuse being used to fast-track women into positions of power, or STEM research, and University, as well as now onto Board of Director placements. The Law is being changed to enforce women to be given those roles. By definition, this means women are getting placed at the top based on one single criteria – having a vagina.

But despite all this old-school feminine method of career-climbing by using sexuality to get ahead while denying it, everything is still all men’s fault. How convenient. Any man who dares to get in the way of that, or does not vocally fully support it, can now easily be targeted too. Men getting fired for not supporting Feminism is not far off. It is genius really. A war won without lifting a finger, but all this only works so long as peace remains in the world, and so long as society does not collapse, and that men are willing to continue to be duped by this shit. Personally, I am not.

The only required qualification to get ahead today is – having a vagina. That is why the future is female, but it will also rapidly become a Feminist Gulag. I know this because in my business I had to deal with enough female CEOs to see the escalating pattern. 

Women are never at fault, because it is always possible to blame it on men by virtue of applying Female HypoAgency. If we do not start to see this at work in our culture, I fear we may not even survive as a species. It really is that serious. If Feminists and their obedient army of Beta Males end up ruling the world, the first arrival of an alien species or an unexpected army with a bit of muscle, will wipe humanity out. It’s far fetched, but I hope you see my point.

All this is going to happen, because of Female HypoAgency and men falling foul of The Male Biological Imperative in their desire to support women and please the feminine. Men are being duped all over the place and not even seeing it.

Why Was Oprah Never Held Accountable?

Do you remember that moment Oprah stood up to support Harvey Weinstein? No, nor do I. Why? This has never been about Equality, it has always been about Power and women aggressively competing with men for those positions of power. It would not surprise me to discover that when HW got imprisoned, Oprah became the most powerful person in Hollywood.

Power. That is the game behind MeToo really, and the sooner people see that, the sooner we can have a proper conversation about what has been going on to get ahead in Hollywood, or to get some head in Hollywood, depending on which side of the story you believed.

No one forced those women to go to a hotel room with Harvey Weinstein, but I bet Oprah encouraged them all with the promise of contracts if they pleased the man. Below are some pretty pictures of those happy days with Oprah working her way up to the top of the pile. In Hollywood, women were complicit 50/50, if not more so, because it’s how the power-game works. It wasn’t just the Patriarchy made it that way, women have been doing deals for a go on the vagina since the dawn of man. It’s straight up Capitalism, there are no victims in a mutual deal if the price is agreed before hand. They stitched Harvey up like a kipper. Be honest, you know this.

Female HypoAgency allowed all those Hollywood stars to play Agent (Independent woman working her way into Hollywood) when it suited her, and Object (victim of evil sexual deviant male Harvey W) once they were in.

Later, when they wanted to get some free marketing from pretending to have been victims all along, it worked well then too. They still benefited from their deals though, didn’t they. How Convenient.

“The Patriarchy” is a convenient tool of Female HypoAgency.

The Patriarchy blame-game is a byproduct of Female HypoAgency. Women have supported men in the creation of modern society every step of the way (Agents). Men had to fight, go to war, and design and build, men had to create every bit of the world we now live in. But now it is safe and there is no further threat to society from war, neighbouring tribes, or wolves and bears, Feminists want the power they perceive men to have had all along.

To this effect, Feminists are using claims of unfairness and minority status (Object/Victims of unfair Patriarchal oppression) to push men out, and step into their positions of power without needing anything more than to be an entitled woman in possession of a vagina (Female HypoAgency activated).

Women Taking Over Male-Only Spaces

Women have also begun to force their way into male-only spaces where they do not even fit. First by claiming them to be full of Toxic Masculinity, and then forcing new rules that suit the Feminist doctrines, and then ignoring any Masculine needs.

For Example, building sites and oil rigs were traditionally male spaces. Men could chat men-talk, laugh and joke about men stuff, be how they wanted to be, in a male space without it being an issue. Not any longer. Here is a $100M law suit brought by a single woman alone on a oil rig. One has to wonder what the expectation was in putting her there. Other than to change everything to Feminist doctrines.

Now women have forced their way in, not as particularly valued workers, but into female-created menial positions just so they can get into the male spaces. Once in, they then start to change everything. They force men to adjust to the new paradigm of Feminist culture that imposes itself in that space.

The Construction industry is the same, it legally has to employ women now and cater to them, even though they mostly have no business or value in being there. You don’t see many female hod-carriers in the west.

It’s a taboo subject but really, what the hell are women doing in those spaces other than shutting “Toxic Masculinity” down by bringing all their Feminist rules with them? Where is left for us men to be men and not be persecuted for it?

Policing Masculinity

Male dominated spaces are no longer permitted to exist. Why? By getting in there, Feminists can then claim other men to have been mistreated by Toxic Masculinity (Normal Male behaviour). They then set about “improving” the space and making it more gentile, caring, considerate, and Feminist. Why was this even needed? Whatever sales-pitch worked to get them in, they have used until now. But over the last few years, it has become Law, top to bottom, to bring women into male-spaces and change those spaces to suit women, not the men.

In effect Feminism has shut-down and now actively Polices the basic male right of men to behave like men. And if any of those men fail to behave, then women will then hit them with law suits for breaking those new Feminist rules that have been imposed into male-only spaces, and use their Female HypoAgency to claim victimisation.

It makes no sense. The law suit that would not have happened if a single woman was not wasting everyone’s time by being on board an oil rig and serving no real valued purpose other than to impose Feminism in a male-only space [link here].

The Patriarchy is a Concept Created by Feminism to Target Traditional Family Roles

The Patriarchy is a mythical concept created by the billion dollar industry that is Feminism and has been driven into the very teachings of our culture since the 1960s, if not earlier. Which is why no one stops to question it. We all grew up hearing about it, and took it to be truth.

But if you bother to question it you will find out it isn’t the whole truth, it’s the doctrine of a propaganda driven cult that has targeted traditional family roles to drive women, who felt powerless, to assume it is men’s fault that they feel that way.

Though Erin Pizzey was aware of it being a problem as it got started, and her work with early Feminism is insightful into just what went wrong and why. And Camille Paglia puts it best in a few of her quotes that I share shortly.

At some point we are all going to have to wake up to the fact that the so called Patriarchy, was a mutually designed civilized society setup, built by men and women together, through choices and mistakes they made together. Female HypoAgency permits women to pass the responsibility and blame on to men, as usual. But modern society has not been the work of men alone, nor was it made to oppress females. If anything it has oppressed men into economic slavery to work dangerous jobs for his family unit to survive.

The Patriarchy Always Served Women

The underlying truth is that society, technology, family, home, and the so-called Patriarchal system was made FOR women. Men built it at their request to protect and nurture women and children, and those men still work hard to support them. We fought to make the world a safe place for our women and children.

When peace came after the Second World War women started to see men enjoying themselves in the work place. This led to women feeling powerless, stuck in their role in the home. They wanted some of that action. They had to fight to get it. Nothing wrong with that. But show me the man who has not had to fight to get where he is. Somehow women expected it to be handed to them on a plate and not have to fight for it. The journey of change in the work place since the 1960s has been that fight. But its not different for men, they had to fight for their position in the hierarchy and most fail to get what they want and have to make do. Welcome to reality. Women fighting for it is heralded as a miracle of empowerment, men fighting for it is considered Toxic Masculinity, and if that fight is against a woman – Misogyny and Patriarchal Oppression. How convenient.

Feminism. We were just trying to be nice to women, and we all fell for it. And now they have a Law enforced pussy-passes to get in to top positions simply by virtue of having a vagina. We have been played.

But Female HypoAgency was always used to get ahead by playing the Object (Patriarchally oppressed victim) and to bypass the need to follow the same route as men to get ahead. In the cases where women could not beat men at their own game, they simply introduced new rules.

In summary, The Patriarchy was never the problem.

The Male Biological Imperative

Our culture has always sought to protect, serve, and cater to women and children. It is the biological imperative of our species to protect women and children at all cost. Men are programmed by Nature with this sacrificial urge and will die happy when they give their lives for it, it literally gives us meaning to honorably die for a woman.

When the Titanic went down, women and children were put into the boats. Men constantly sacrifice their lives to help women and children. We surge with pride at the thought of it. It is also expected of us. Millions of men died in wars with the thought of “protecting the wife and kids, and the homestead” as the thing that drove them to take the bullet they then willingly walked into by going over-the-top in World War I. Yet Feminism today tells us this is all “Toxic Masculinity”…a simple thanks would suffice.

That Male biological imperative is instinctive and so deeply rooted within every man that they do not even know they are running it. You can see it in action consistently on Reddit’s r/fightporn (If you can stomach it, be warned, it aint pretty). Just scroll through looking for any incident involving a woman and a man. It will be the same every time. Women can punch the hell out of men, but the moment a man touches a woman, all the men present will react to stop the fight and quite often brutally turn on the man.

This is not just a coincidence, this is a functioning part of the fabric of our society and the way we are designed by Nature. Men will constantly rescue women for the survival of the species. We need to see it at work, to then start to minimize the negative impact it is currently having on our culture with Female HypoAgency taking advantage of it to target men and turn society into a Feminist Gulag. 

The Male Biological Imperative to protect women is rooted in the need to save the one thing that can propagate the species. It is an immensely powerful force, and hard to even spot unless you are looking for it and know what to look for, yet it is in every act of man.

Man’s only real role in life is to be a sacrifice for women and children. That is the true definition of The Patriarchy – men sacrificing themselves for women and children, and in context of a real-life situation – working themselves to death for their families.

Lest we forget…



Some quotes from Camille Paglia on this subject…

“One of feminism’s irritating reflexes is its fashionable disdain for “patriarchal society,” to which nothing good is ever attributed. But it is patriarchal society that has freed me as a woman” – Camille Paglia

“It is capitalism that has given me the leisure to sit at this desk writing this book. Let us stop being small-minded about men and freely acknowledge what treasures their obsessiveness has poured into culture” – Camille Paglia

“Patriarchy, routinely blamed for everything, produced the birth control pill, which did more to free contemporary women than feminism itself” – Camille Paglia

“What feminism calls patriarchy is simply civilization, an abstract system designed by men but augmented and now co-owned by women” – Camille Paglia


Asia Argento, A Textbook Case

There is a certain irony in the fact that Asia Argento – the very person who started the entire MeToo snowballing after her outburst at a Cannes event – then went on to be proven to be a sociopathic, sexual predator. It is also no surprise to discover that Oprah Winfrey encouraged her to take that first step.

Asia later tried to deny her crime, and she lied through her teeth and still lies, even after being caught out. She lied very convincingly, because it seemed like an obvious attempt at a smear campaign. But then, when pictures surfaced of her with the boy that she targeted, there was no room left for denial. Yet she still denied it.

She still tries to wiggle out of it even to this day, she still does not admit to it, instead, she said she did not know he was that young. Does he look old to you? She knew exactly what she was doing. The end result…we let her off.

Asia Argento exhibits the classic phenomenon that they all exhibit – she genuinely believes that she is the victim. To the point that you have to wonder what would ever make her realise she is not. Personally I don’t think they can grasp it. They are simply not programmed with the capacity. I have never seen a sociopathic women admit responsibility in a way that was honest. They are always the victim.

This is Female HypoAgency, and it is consistently successful to the point of becoming an unacknowledged epidemic.

Then it turned out that Asia was not so much raped by Harvey Weinstien, as blew him willingly in order to get ahead in Hollywood. Of course she maintains that…

“She later had consensual encounters with Weinstein, she said, though she really felt “obliged” to comply, for fear he’d harm her career.”  

(The career she had progressed by blowing him, willingly, in a hotel room, voluntarily. Yet he is in prison, and she is free to rape young boys. Does that not seem weird to you?)

Here is a picture of some other women being tormented by their rapist…


And from Argento’s original speech at Cannes…

“We know who you are, and we’re not going to allow you to get away with it any longer.”

Well, quite, if only this was true. Except it actually doesn’t work when it is women committing the crimes.

Feminism claims Equality is the aim, but there is no Equality happening here. Far from it. There is complete and utter denial, and young women are being taught that is the way to behave. Cardi B, Amber Heard, to name just two other public cases where it is increasingly obvious that they are criminals who have been let of due to Female HypoAgency. Men get laid off, women get let off.

“We know who you are, and we’re not going to allow you to get away with it any longer.”

Plausible Deniability

Women can use Female HypoAgency to get ahead in all areas of life not just sexually. They can play passive, while actually controlling the situation from that position, and yet all the while seeming not to. That is the fine art of the feminine to do this very well and quite naturally.

Plausable Deniability, is a woman’s essential weapon and tool in life, or it can be. Certainly not all women engage in it with the aggressive ferocity of someone like Asia Argento, who will deny it to her last breathe even when proved to be guilty as sin.

Women have no choice but to use it with sex, because to act overtly would then get them targeted by other women for being promiscious, it also might put men off because it reverses the natural order of things. This is not always the case, but it is certainly going to challenge Alpha males who excel at leading. Maybe this is why Feminists want more Beta Males.

The problem comes when people like Asia Argento start to use Female HypoAgency to wield power in public, and get ahead, and then once it backfires on them, they then use it to take down the men around them, trying to cover their tracks, while endlessly claiming to be the victim themselves (All Female HypoAgency, if you weren’t getting it by now).

What our culture needs now, is not more Feminism, it needs more honesty from women on their behavioural tactics.

“We know who you are, and we’re not going to allow you to get away with it any longer.”

Sociopathic claim to victimhood

A recent study has shown a new (ancient) trait now being termed TIV or Tendency for Interpersonal Victimhood [Link Here]

The one thing that stands out every time with the sociopaths running Female HypoAgency, is that they believe they are the victim even when it is proved beyond any doubt that they are not. You can always tell them by the language they use, because they will continue to blame someone else even after being caught out. There is always an excuse for it. None will accept personal responsibility, they all have one reason after the other as to why they are the victim.

Learn To Spot The Patterns

Asia reveals this behaviour perfectly for us to learn from, as do Cardi B and Amber Heard. These incidents serve as great revealers of the patterns which we can then learn to spot in the wild. Women of this nature should be red flags and be avoided. They are aggressive, ruthless, and dangerous. The one thing they are not, is victims. The one thing they will consistently claim to be, is victims.

Rose McGowan, another one who attached herself early on to Asia to get some free publicity, is another case and interestingly they are now at war ever since Rose tried to distance herself from the Asia reveal. That’s the level of support that really exists in the “sisterhood” they claimed to be a part of early on. It is common to see people like that, throw each other under the bus at the first sign of trouble. Two “victims” then duke it out aggressively in public. Neither are victims, both fight viciously to claim the role of victim, all the while both being addicts to Female HypoAgency and the power it gives them.

Men are mostly completely unaware of this happening to them when these kind of women target them. Anthony Bourdain, poor fellow, almost certainly was caught out by Asia, and ultimately with disastrous consequences for him. He thought she loved him. She was using him as a stepping stone.

The women who engage in Female HypoAgency are often ruthless and cold blooded, and it is why I used the Mimic Octopus in the main title picture of this blog to represent them.

A predator that is looking for a result by faking its surroundings and tricking everyone who looks at it into thinking it is something else.

If the analogy was lost on you, in the case of Female HypoAgency, a woman mimics being an Object (victim) while actually being the Agent (In control of her choices), and she engages the male using The Male Biological Imperative in his desire to sacrifice himself to protect and support her. She plays up to it. Exactly what Anthony Bourdain did until Asia switched him up for a new younger man, at which point he fell apart and killed himself, the ultimate sacrifice for a woman.

While in service to the dominating female, the male feels he is doing something good, sacrificing himself for the greater good. All the while she is controlling the situation, and him, with a deliberate intent while pulling on his strings. Poor old Anthony got mugged by a mimic octopus. The former Prince Harry is another case of a man who handed over his manhood to a woman who now uses him, sociopathically, to do her bidding. All the while he hasn’t got a clue.

Male Feminists & White Knight Syndrome

I have another article explaining Male Feminists and the four types as they present. Check it out [link here].

So, what is Female HypoAgency Again?

It’s likely that the only people who will ever care to know about Female HypoAgency, are the very people who already know what it is. 

Others will have fallen victim to it, and are no longer able to deny their experience may have read down this far looking for answers. If you can’t yet understand what happened, or why it happened to you, Female HypoAgency probably helps explain it. Once you understand it, much female behaviour falls into place.

Be warned. Most women, Feminists especially, will not be interested in discussing Female HypoAgency. Why? Because it reveals their behaviour. The entire feminine principle rests on being able to remain covert.

Here is the best explanation on Female HypoAgency (30 minutes long), provided by the person who helped me understand it originally. This is the incredibly insightful, Karen Straughan


Every man should watch this video, and re-watch it until it is fully understood.

I have been seeing Female HypoAgency functioning in our culture for the last few years. If men do not start to understand this dynamic and how it works, it is not going to get any better for men, or women, any time soon. In fact, it is going to get a lot worse, as Feminism forces a Gulag of lies and false narratives into our culture via the education system, the media, and continues the theft of roles better suited to people who worked to get them, not just because they had a vagina.

Support For Men

If anyone reading this feels like they have been the victim of Female HypoAgency and the MeToo campaign and targeted unfairly, then I highly recommend contacting James Barnett of Barnett Survivors Limited, based in UK.

He has done work internationally to help victims of false accusations and understands better than anyone I know, the dynamics at work and the legal issues involved in fighting for justice against the damaged caused by a false accusation. He can be found through any of the links below.




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