I do not support Organised Religions and here is why…

I do not support Organised Religions and here is why…

Secular Society & Our Freedom of Speech

I live in a secular country, Australia. By definition secular means I am free to believe in any religion that I want, but I am also free not to believe.

That last statement is important. Currently, we are in a time where free speech, or the choice not to believe in a religion, is becoming strawman aligned to the act of hate speech. This is wrong.

Disagreeing with the belief system of a particular religion is not hate-speech, it is a secular and human right to disagree with someone, or their religion, as decreed by our law.

To be clear, I disagree with all Monotheistic Organised Religions, and I have no interest whatsoever in supporting any of them. Apparently, where Islam is concerned this now makes me an Islamophobe. So it seems that just the act of disagreeing with Islam is considered Islamophobia.

Islamophobia is a label designed to deter anyone from speaking out about some obviously concerning aspects of the religion. This is done in order to control the narrative, and it is working very well. Most people are now afraid to say anything against Islam for fear of being accused of hate-speech, or having their social media accounts blocked for 30 days for wrong-think, and even potentially lose their jobs.

But in a secular country where freedom of speech is an inherent part of the freedom of that country’s people, it is perfectly within your rights NOT to believe in a religion, and it is perfectly within your rights to share and discuss your viewpoint around that… or rather it was, because all that is changing very quickly under the new Draconian rules creeping into the west.

Why I am not an Islamophobe, (but call me one anyway, if it is easier.)

I do not agree with the Islamic faith and its principles, this does not make me an Islamophobe, why? because I don’t mind if you believe in it, and that is the principle of a secular society.

But I do have issues with being told that I have to support it, and I have issues with a Government using censorship to control what the free-thinking, secular public is allowed to see in the way of information and discussion regarding that religion.

I especially have issues with a Government that then uses its police force to stop people from discussing the fundamental issues that exist as a result of the Islamic belief system, or any other regime for that matter.

My issue is not with the emotional outpouring of empathy and support to the grieving victims of such a terrible tragedy as witnessed in Christchurch, NZ, my issue is with the parallel, sleight-of-hand that is immediately being used by the Government to take advantage of the situation to overturn democracy in favour of a weakly justified dictatorship control.

A perfect example is all the ways in which New Zealand public have been restricted from seeing anything but the narrative, by Police, ISP providers, and Government control after the Christchurch massacre in March 2019. A 10-year sentence faces anyone breaking the out-of-the-blue and undemocratically imposed restrictions. An interesting explanation around that event has been made in this article.

It is tyrannical behaviour to enforce religion upon people, nothing less.

This is also setting a dangerous precedent against freedom of information and freedom of speech, all the while giving Islam a free ticket to do as it likes in what is supposed to be a secular society.

The problem with Islamic countries

There is a reason why there are so many Muslim refugees – Islamic countries are not great places to live.

Islamic rule is draconian, oppressive, and the consequences of breaking a law in it are usually brutal. Here are some articles written by Islamic members on the issues with Islam. Stonings and execution are legal and common-place and this alone makes Islam an oppressive religion and regime. Why would I support that?

Islamic countries are mostly dictatorial, extremely male-dominant, and cruel in the execution of their laws. Often using Capital Punishment under quite medieval, religious law with very little consideration for humanitarian justice. Such Religious law punishment is often controlled and meted out by the mob, or a dictator, or both.

Take Saudia Arabia – it is an Islamic dictatorship that regularly executes people for no reason other than the King ordains it. Or mob rules that allow the public to stone women to death because the husband had some issue with her. Why would I support this religion?

Turkey’s Islamic leader Erdogan just recently threatened to send Australians and New Zealanders home in coffins on Anzac day if they held “anti-Muslim sentiments”. This is the level of humanity to be expected from leaders of Islamic countries, not just the followers. Why would I support this kind of religion, and on what grounds?

I have yet to hear of an Islamic country that practises any level of “equality” between the genders. There is a lot of misleading and long-winded texts about equality, but the proof of the pudding is in the subservient requirements expected of women.

What about Islamic support for homosexuality? Most Islamic countries practice homosexuality secretly, but if you are caught, you risk a cruel and brutal death at the hands of the mob under the dictates of mob interpretation of Religious law. Yet despite this, many feminists and LGBTQ people seem to be behind the support of Islam being imported to the west, why on earth would they support that? It can only be down to ignorance of what the Islamic religious dogma actually does in its own countries. You are importing that.

Or how about slavery?  Islamic belief and Sharia law still endorse the use of slaves to this day, though strictly speaking they abolished slavery under pressure from the West in the 20thCentury, the fact is many Islamic countries are still involved in the slave trade.  (Incidentally, I am not including Boko Haram or other hardline Islamic slave traders that virtually live off the practice, but rather Saudi and other supposedly more modern Islamic countries.) 

The Qu’ran permits the use of slaves, and so the root of the Islamic belief system actually has not fundamentally changed at all. It is yet another so-called grey area with lots of conveniently long-winded text documentation that obfuscates the fact it is actually still clearly part of the Qu’ran. Why would I support this religion being imported?

Islamic belief also endorses marriage to, and sex with, young children. I have yet to hear a good explanation for this one, and it leaves little surprise as to why Islamic child-grooming gangs are a large part of the UK crime list, with an alleged +80% being Islamic perpetrators.

The endorsement for this paedophile mindset is written into the faith since Muhammed himself is cited as having married Aisha, a 6-year-old girl with whom he then consummated the marriage when she was just 9 years old. Today we usually call this paedophilia, but it is written into the Islamic religion since Muhammed is the very word of God. Why would anyone support this religion?

Islamic belief also seems to be the main expression for terrorism. It’s a tiring subject, we all know full-well how much political weight this subject carries, and there is a vast amount of dispute around what terrorism actually is or the skin-color that perpetrates it, and that is fine to argue over the nuances – but can we argue over the facts? – Just take a brief look at the acts of terrorism that occur around the world in this real-time map and each incident can easily be verified if you have doubts about their authenticity. The majority are Islamic driven, but as you may notice, we don’t hear about these much in the media.

Map shows real-time terror attacks around the world (opens to a new tab)

Why would I support this religion?

But you have…Islamophobia!

Maybe you forgot – I live in a secular country, therefore, I should not have to believe in your religion, or even agree with it.

I think the Islamic religion is like all monotheistic, organised religions – a quietly evil device designed in a medieval era to control peoples minds and use the threat of force to control their behaviour.

I also have the right to say that in this country, just as you have the right to believe in Islam if you must, but your religion does not have the right to over-rule secular law.

But I can see no reason to support a system that causes the problems that monotheistic, organised religions cause and especially not the ones that are unable to let go of Medieval dictates.

And neither can I agree with the censorship of information that derails anyone looking to find out the truth about those religions. (Jacinda Ardern especially, who really took the lead on this self-justified tyranny recently.)

I am open to being shown otherwise, but so far no-one has successfully proved to me that the Islamic faith and Sharia Law is anything other than an oppressive regime. (Feel free to educate me here in the comments section)

And in the case of the examples of it in action, such as I have shared above, Islam seems actually to be at odds with human rights. Yet this all seems to be getting overlooked by many politicians in the process of virtue-signalling their ignorance of the verifiable facts around Islamic religion.

Justin Trudeau’s insistence on installing Sharia Law into Canada and more recently, Jacinda Ardern naively “embracing Islam” while playing dress-up, these are just two of the most recent examples of world leaders who seem happy to turn a blind eye to the atrocities being committed elsewhere, for their own political agendas.

The fact is they are leveraging their political positions and using false sentiment to encourage and invite religious Islamic regimes and worse – to force Islam upon us, and if we argue we will stand accused of hate-speech and Islamophobia and face 10 years in prison for it.

This is undermining the basic concept of a free and secular society to replace it with a Religious zealotism using dictatorship powers. 10 years for posting links, are they serious!

Why would I support that?

In Conclusion

You are welcome to believe in whatever religion you like, but I do not support the enforced import of Islam into Australia, UK, Europe or any secular country. Secular means ‘no religion’ and it works well that way!

It’s a return to medieval values to encourage Islam to take root. Islam is proven not to integrate and the Imams barely even hide the fact that they have no interest in doing so, but rather it sets itself up, and then forces others out, often violently which is why Muslims have been seeking refuge, but they need to leave Medieval world behind if they are to integrate into secular society.

The likes of Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern are foolishly and illegally over-riding democracy and using dictator-like powers to force Islam upon us, while accusing any detractors of their heinous and sneaky acts, of hate-speech. That is tantamount to tyranny. Why would I support that? 

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