Trans & Genderfluid culture faces an issue that is being ignored

Trans & Genderfluid culture faces an issue that is being ignored

Introduction to this post

I started looking into the Trans and Gender issue last year after I got in an argument on social media due to my views on it. The post I made back then went around the internet, and it got a lot of people quite upset. It was, admittedly, written without filtering my annoyance at what I found out, and I have since decided to retract it, wait for myself to calm down, and now will try to explain my position.

I want to try to put my point in gentler terms. I was accused of  ‘trans-bashing’ in my previous attempts to explain something that I can see going on, but that most people seem to want to ignore. What I discovered, actually freaked me out.

My background, such as it is, is that I am a hetero cis male, and I feel like one on the inside and out, but for whatever reason I have had a fair bit of time spent around Trans women, not so much around Trans men, but plenty around people claiming to be one biological sex physically, and another mentally, and then acting accordingly.

To be honest I hold little interest in what you think you are – be what you want, be what you feel, be my guest and dress it up how you like. I am also pretty sexually ambivelant myself, but I am an opinionated creature, and I like to get to the root of things when I discover a mystery.

I have found the Trans issue of using surgery and HRT to solve what I perceive to be for the most part identity crisis (not always though), to be a fascinating area, and it is so rife in identity politics, SJW agenda, and cultish thinking, that it is virtually impossible to see the wood from the trees. Worse, Big Pharma and big money makers seem to be behind the drive to encourage it to become a provable science.


Big Pharma are funding research in what is nothing short of a Mary Shelley story akin to Dr Frankenstein, their aim seems to be to research until they discover the HRT drugs that can force children to transition better and quicker as adults. Why? long-term customers.

Bascially, imo of course, the Trans world are nothing short of being used as lab rats and I share my explanation and findings in this post.

As you can imagine no one wanted to hear that, I got some serious flack last time I posted it, but I did not put it well either. So here is my second attempt because I think it is a huge issue, and a crime being perpetrated across the globe right now. There is a drive to force gender-fluidity by administering drugs to children, that will cause the problem that Big Pharma can then charge a lifetime subscription of HRT to fix.

My view:

I still think it all comes down to identity crisis for most individuals, and though I also fully accept it is not my issue, so therefore not my business. That was my view on it too, until I unearthed some pretty creepy goings on in the research funding of Trans and HRT drugs.

I do not think the first, or even second to last, port of call for anyone should be surgery and a liftetime reliance on HRT drugs for anything. But people will be people, and that is the world we are clearly headed towards: drugs to fix our problems, surgery to make it a one-way trip, and Big Pharma funded research to invent proof where it does not yet exist. They are getting there.

SJWs, LGBTQ, Militant Feminist influences

The other huge issue is SJW and LGBTQ and of course Militant Feminist cult thinking, all of which come together on this particular subject to encourage gender fluidity without questioning the motives, the funding, or much anything else either. They seem to howl for support of surgery and HRT, and I am constantly barraged with informational links trying to prove to me that the science is backing all of this. It’s been dubious at best.

Each time I get a link, and have the time to bother to research it, I find that the money leads back to Big Pharma and the researchers are seemingly always from those groups I mention in this subtitle. Maybe that is inevitable, I don’t really know. I find it curiously bias though.

There are so many conflicts of interest in the research papers I read, that I gave up trying to point it out to anyone. They mostly did not want to listen anyway. The language is often rather sneaky in the way it implies results that do not necessarily exist. The problem is that all these groups mentioned, already want the science to end up proving that surgery and HRT drugs are the answer. If you start with that premise, that is a bit whacky.

I soon discovered that you can’t argue with the mob. Like someone said to me once ‘It’s their choice’ and I have to accept that is the case, up to a point. Because giving kids powerful HRT drugs based on a whim, makes it a much bigger issue.

I wanted to be a fire-engine when I was a kid, as such I find it hard to take kid’s views on their own gender seriously, especially pre-pubescent children, but others rush them to doctors to get HRT the moment they suggest they are confused about gender. This is the future we are headed towards.

There also seems to be a growing amount of proof coming from the Trans community that gender-fluidity has been largely caused by HRT drugs given to pregant mums back in the 70’s and onwards. But if this is the case, why tf are we giving them to kids in research now!?!

First, let’s get the kids on HRT drugs

It gets worse. I  know of at least once case of a Social Justice warrior in Melbourne (Australia’s answer to San Fran) who has encouraged their female born child to get on HRT because the child said they ‘felt’ like a male on the inside. Then when the child got bored of that fashionable teenage drama a few years into taking the drugs, she/he then decided she/he was no longer a male but rather wanted to go back to being a teenage girl again, so the process went in reverse. HRT to the rescue.

To my mind this is just the tip of the iceberg, and Big Pharma is behind funding it all as far as I can tell, and below I will share an example of that which they are not even bothering to hide.

My findings on the research I have researched so far

Always follow the money. Research can’t happen without it and many of the studies trace back to connnection with Big Pharma. I guess it makes sense at one level but it’s a problem because it creates a huge conflict of interest since they stand to benefit from anyone starting a lifetimes reliance on HRT drugs. This conflict of interests is being ignored.

This was the first one I looked at, and the subject of my previous post which I retracted, but the issue still stands. It’s a perfect example of two problems.

  • 1. They are experimenting on children with new HRT drugs to create the problem, not just fix it.
  • 2. Big Pharma then stands to benefit from creating the science where it does not yet exist, it is also funding the research into it.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself…

It was clear from what I read in the above linked research, that there are currently funded experiments going on in Europe where they are applying HRT to children under the guise that catching the issue early with HRT may help stabilise the individual seeking to change gender-label later. (Does this remind anyone esle of the Nazi experiments on Jews, or is that a bit passé of me to suggest it?)

They are basically using kids as guinea pigs to perfect the HRT drugs to then create what the Trans community think they want, and sell it back to them. That, is really messed up imo, and is the future we are headed towards. Though in fairness it is a brilliant business model.

Of course this way the science research will eventually prove that HRT and surgery works. It is straight out of a Mary Shelley novel because they are creating the problem, that they can then charge a lifetime subscription to fix.

Have a look at the comment at the bottom of the study in the link above, it says:

The authors are very grateful to Ferring Pharmaceuticals for the financial support of studies on the treatment of adolescents with gender identity disorders.”

When I read that, I lost my mind for a bit. Hence my previous scathing attack on the community for being duped by Big Pharma. Obviously it didnt help, it just got Trans folk’s back up.

Big Pharma will be raking the money in when they hit the mother-load and eventually create the drugs that then can prove that kids need to be given HRT to help them transition better as adults.

What a wonderful world we live in. How come I am the only person to see this?


The whole Genderfluid culture is out of control imo. It’s scary the faith that people are putting in drugs and surgery to fix all problems. It is, and has, become more like a fashion than anything else. A cult that is every day seeking out more members to authenticate it’s own existence.

It is also too big for me to deal with, so I walked away from most of the arguments I was running into because no one wants to hear it.

It looks to me, that people with straight forward gender identity crisis, rather than being encouraged to find ways to accept their dualistic condition and accept themselves, are being driven by a cult of identity politics involving various groups that support it, and the big net is being thrown out to catch those fish by Big Pharma, especially the young ones.

Big Pharma is wilfully targetting a confused section of society, and now aiming it at children before they grow old enough to have achieved puberty changes anyway!  They have worked out that the sooner they can drug them into gender confusion by administering HRT drugs, then the sooner they can convince the rest of us, that what is required is surgery and a lifetime reliance on HRT drugs. They are creating the problem, to then sell our future children the fix. It’s genuis.

Questioning this, I discovered, is trans-phobic.

I had to walk away, but I still struggle to keep calm when people preach to me about what a wonderful solution the surgeons knife and drugs are in helping gender confused people figure their identity crisis out.

Bollocks! It is in the realm of Mary Shelley novels. Her protaganist was also a respected scientist, in fact it is weird how much it all mirrors that story, but hey, it’s not my monkeys and it is not my circus. But that doesnt stop me feeling angry and sad at what is being done to people, and worse, kids.

Further research examples:

I will edit this part of the page and add in further discoveries as I come across them. It is my view only, but at least it means that I can point people here rather than have to keep repeating myself when arguing on social media. Maybe they will prove me wrong about this. I am open to it.

My approach:

First I try to find the sponsor and funding source, then I look for the bias in the approach to the research as there often is quite a lot, then I look for any facts that might have been buried beneath overtly positive conclusions.  I also consider the background of the researchers; are they driving for an answer or successfully remaining neutral.

Am I bias in the way I am researching it? Absolutely probably. I don’t care if you are Trans or think yourself a man, woman or beast, or all three, I do care if you are drugging people, especially kids, and making money out of their vulnerability.

1. Long-term follow-up: Psychosocial outcome of Belgian transsexuals after sex reassignment surgery. Study by Ghent university researchers.

First follow the money:

Cant find any mention of funding in the article. It’s Ghent University in Belgium but no signs of sponsor information for the research they conducted. I eventually found some links to the Worldbank and Soros foundation that seem to fund the University itself, and there were others I did not recognise. That is a money conflict given those corporations have vested interests in the research proving positive for HRT, its a long game win for them. I have big issues with the World bank who I see as nothing short of a criminal syndicate. For more on that see the fascinating book by Dambisa Moyo – Dead Aid)

Then look at the wording used:

The wording of the research immediately struck me as curious – “To establish the benefit of sex reassignment surgery (SRS) for persons with a gender identity disorder” – what about the possible non-benefits? seems like they are going in loaded with a plan to find proof its all good.

and there is more – “While no difference in psychological functioning (SCL-90) was observed between the study group and a normal population, subjects with a pre-existing psychopathology were found to have retained more psychological symptoms.” – meaning there was deterioration in some cases. And there is no mention of how they measured or didn’t measure these psychological symptoms. I’d need that defined and the yardstick they used to define it. In my view identity crisis qualifies as psychopathological in some cases.

then this… ” The subjects proclaimed an overall positive change in their family and social life. None of them showed any regrets about the SRS.” – so they asked them and took their answer as the result? That is not science that is opinion, and what was involved in that question being asked of them? Were they encouraged to be positive? Was there reward, payment or gifting if they suggested they were feeling positive?  HOw much of an influence was it to know that it would reflect badly on the community if they were negative? What transition person wants to be alone, they want more people transitioning along with them. How much did this influence that response? Did they ask them on a good day or a bad day?

This is not science I am reading, this result risks being easily manipulated collection of feeelz data, and can be easily tweaked to suit the desired outcome and report, just like it has in this case. – They said they felt great? Really, what about the drugs they were on? I feel great on Meth what does that prove? This is not scientific study we are reading here, and the more I look at it, the more it reads as a group of people going into it with pre-planned outcome, then putting top spin on it to make readers look at the results with a certain positive filter, and not scientific at all.

“A homosexual orientation, a younger age when applying for SRS, and an attractive physical appearance were positive prognostic factors.” – There it is again, if you do it to kids it works better!!!!! wtf! I despair when I see this being said for the reasons I shared already. Big Pharma are experimenting with HRT on kids because it works better on them and they can then sell them HRT as adults later. It’s THE BIGGEST issue that everyone is ignoring.

“Conclusion: While sex reassignment treatment is an effective therapy for transsexuals, also in the long term, the postoperative transsexual remains a fragile person in some respects.” – in some respect? what does that mean. Either way they actually own it here that it isnt fixing very much to transition, but then the rest of the paper goes on to slant it heavily towards all the success data they want us to read. Especially the stats about the suicide rates.
Everyone I speak to harps on about those suicide stats, but get this – the number of transitions is unknown because it is kept secret to stop them being targeted or feeling challenged after transition. Given this is the case, how in hell are they poving that the suicide rates drop from 40% to 5%? Either they know all the transitioners, or they don’t. I am a little sceptical that its all being pushed and promoted with a huge bias running up behind the motives.

This research was sent to me by someone trying to prove that Transition is working out well. They also seemed to neglect to notice that it was done over ten years ago in 2006, I wonder how it is doing now. It was titled as a Long-term study but its nearly fourteen years and I have not found any follow up on it. Is there a reason why they have not gone back to follow it up?


2. I’m a Pediatrician. Here’s What You Should Know About a New Study on Transgender Suicide.

link to the article here

It took me a long while to find anything that queried the current research into teen ‘trans’ suicide. Trawling through artcles after article that is driving the narrative like a sales-pitch that teens can even be legitamately Trans is quite insane, they base it on the teen saying it. That is it. No questions asked of what is driving that. (teen fashion, teen confusion, hormones all over the place naturally, YouTube influencers, etc…)

The proposed solution from virtually every article I found suggested that HRT for teens will help stop suicide. There is no proof of this and the data is being massively skewed to suit the agenda.

I wont got into the article above here, because it speaks for itself, but I share it because it’s the first time I found someone in the health industry questioning this narrative and providing links and facts to back their concerns up.

Some further articles from the author Michelle A Crella, along with in depth Disqus discussions from both sides of the fence can be found here –

“If I walk into my doctor’s office today and say, “Hi, I’m Margaret Thatcher,” my physician will say I am delusional and give me an anti-psychotic. Yet, if instead, I walked in and said, “I’m a man,” he would say, “Congratulations, you’re transgender.”

If I were to say, “Doc, I am suicidal because I’m an amputee trapped in a normal body, please cut off my leg,” I will be diagnosed with body identity integrity disorder.

But if I walk into that doctor’s office and say, “I am a man, sign me up for a double mastectomy,” my physician will. See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender.”


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