Identity Politics – Gender

Identity Politics – Gender

TL;DR – Gender Binary is a biological and universal fact. No ifs or buts will change that.

I made this post so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. If I have sent you here to read this, then I look forward to hearing your arguments on your return to wherever you ran into me. Good luck!

Identifying the Underlying Issues

It’s a difficult one to break down into simple terms, but I will try by seperating various fundamental issues as I see them.

To sum the entire Trans or Gender issue up in two words: Identity Crisis

  1. Without HRT drugs and violent self-mutilation, the question of what “gender” you identify as would become irrelevant, because you would not be able to change what you physically were capable of achieving. The use of expensive HRT and permanent mutilation ( self-violence) are part of the issue of what simply amounts to an Identity Crisis. It’s made the issue far worse because people now believe it is a real thing just because they can use HRT and surgery to mutilate themselves. But this does not change the fundamentals of male/female gender binary, it only changes what you can achieve by mutilating yourself.
  2. Nature designed procreation around a merging of Feminine energy with Masculine energy. Explain it any other way, I defy you to be able to. Polaric forces are fundamental to the Universe’s design.
  3. The entire argument revolves around Identity Crisis, and it has nothing to do with Biology or Science, it is to do with “feelz” & Identity Politics. If I think I feel like a woman, so what? It doesn’t change the biological reality of my body. Also, how do I know what a female actually feels like? It is projecting, and vice versa for women saying they feel like men. This does not mean you cannot engage in your own Polaric F/M energy, and I discuss this later on.
  4. If you go to a doctor and claim to be a “fire-engine” and are convinced of this, they will consider you mentally disturbed and put you on medication to control it (making money in the process). But if you go to a doctor and claim to be a woman inside a man’s body, they will encourage you to become a lifelong customer of HRT drugs, and to go under the knife to address your Identity Crisis once and for all, with no way back. This is not re-defining a gender “fact”, this is the abuse of humans who are vulnerable to Identity Crisis to turn them into life-long customers.
  5. There is a reason Trans die at a huge rate, it is because the Identity Crisis they experience is not being properly addressed, it is not fixed by HRT or the surgical knife. That is just tragic to think that it is. If you cannot accept yourself for what you are (Identity Crisis) then why should anyone else have to accept you for what you are not (A surgically mutilated, HRT abusing individual)?
  6. Big Pharma & the medical world will make incredible amounts of money in the future the more that Trans are encouraged to take the HRT & surgical mutilation route. I have documented proof that Big Pharma is spending money to try to force this concept of multiple genders or gender dysphoria by testing HRT Drugs on children in Europe. Its experimentation at a level last seen in the camps of Nazi Germany.

The Cult of Identity Politics

Every now and then someone comes along to try to educate me on the existence of a spectrum of genders, but to date this has not been successful because it is not New Science, but rather, The Cult of Identity Politics that is trying to argue a fallacy into becoming a truth.

Humans are biologically binary in gender. We are either Male or Female, there is no middle position. Just like there is only a North and South pole. Everything in between is influenced by one or the other force, it is not a new magnetic position.

This boils down to Universal Truths. Yin & Yang. It is beautifully simple at it’s essence, and the only way it will ever change, is if the laws of the Universe change.

If you can prove to me that this premise is false, then please do change my mind. I am not married to the binary idea, it does not threaten me to have it argued, but if you are talking nonsense why on earth would I agree with your position?

Identity Crisis & Self Acceptance

I have been around Trans folk all my life and observed them in action through transition and otherwise. I have worked with them, lived with them, got to know them. My conclusion has remained the same throughout, that being Trans is completely fine, there is no problem there. It’s quite normal to feel polarized around our masculine and feminine feelz, but what often happens, is that in extreme situations it then becomes an Identity Crisis. That is when the trouble starts.

Do Trans need to be accepted? Yes! Do Trans need to be allowed to make their own choices about their body? Yes!

So what is the problem?

The problem is that Identity Politics has created a cult around Gender misinformation. This is encouraged because the cult wants new members to empower the politics further. Once you are transitioned there is no easy way back. You are in the cult, and will not easily be allowed to leave, or speak out against it, those that do get attacked. One example, of many, is Walt Heyer who works to help Trans become aware of the issues.

This cult is also being funded and encouraged by Big Pharma and the Medical world because Trans become life-long customers. I have already posted in depth about European Big Pharma funding research into HRT drugs being designed and tested to further encourage more HRT customers and one way surgery.  And it is encouraged by what amounts to being a Cult of Identity Politics

The answer that Trans folk are looking for, is found in self-acceptance, not in HRT and surgical mutilation.

The Polaric Nature of Masculine & Feminine Energy

You may be surprised to discover, that I believe all humans have Masculine and Feminine energy within them. We are capable of switching into one or the other to some extent. We can embrace this dualism, but it does not change our biology to do so. It may impact our feelz, but not our biological design. We can take on effeminate behaviours and amplify them within ourselves like an actor might, but it does not make men become female, or females become men.

What happens when this gets to an extreme level of experience, is that we risk having an Identity Crisis. This is also something common to actors and musicians who embrace and embody “entities” for the stage.

Let me give you an example of this Polaric nature in us…

In 2007, I spent 10 days in a Vipassana meditation sit, the guy I sat next too for those ten days was gay, and very clearly effeminate, though I did not know this until the end. You cannot speak or communicate with others, nor even look at them, it is forbidden for the duration of the 10 days.

Something I noticed during my sits was that at times I had the impression that a female was sat next to me. When I got to meet the person at the end, it made sense. His expression was effeminate, his actions too, and I could understand why I had been under this impression at times.

Now, you would think this might persuade me to see a Gender Spectrum, or for it to prove that female and male is an experience, and not a biological fact, but it doesn’t.

All of my trans friends have exhibited this same behaviour, they swing between seeming effeminate on some days, and then seeming to be firmly placed in their masculinity on others. It rarely stays fixed, and it can be amplified by all sorts of things from moods, to feelz, to drugs, to acting in character, and even overly dramatic “episodes” for effect. Many of these moments, I noticed, were deliberate and not enforced by Nature at all. Often it seemed to be more about wanting acceptance, but when that failed, seeking attention by deliberately engaging in acted-out femininity to create an effect.

It is even something I have experienced personally too, and it just shows the capacity of our focus to be fluid, but has no relevance on our biological make-up. I have deliberately embraced that feminine side of myself during sex and observed the woman I was with unconsciously embrace the masculine in response. Why? Because the Universe functions according to Polaric energy that moves between Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine, North and South magnetic fields. It is in us, but it does not have to define us, and that includes “being Trans”.

But this energy is binary, and your biological make-up cannot change by itself as a human, even if your FEELZ, clothes, and mannerisms can.

Identity Confusion Caused by Binary Forces

All humans are capable of that polaric shift between feminine and masculine principles, but it is a binary shift, and the only points of real relevance are at the ends – the Masculine and Feminine forces that function like magnets. (Masculine and Feminine are the same as Yin and Yang, if you hadn’t understood that point yet. The Chinese are very aware of these forces too, and The Tao, is their beautiful expression of wisdom regarding the fundamental universal principles of Yin and Yang seeking balance).

Another example in Nature is the North and South magnetic poles. We don’t confuse the North and South Pole magnetic energy do we? But being at the equator creates a mixed position with both in balance, it does not create a new pole.

There is no issue until we make one

It’s really not an issue to switch between our sense of being Masculine or Feminine in “feelz” terms, the issue comes when it messes with our Identity. It then becomes an Identity Crisis, and something that we might start to think needs to be “fixed”. But our identity does not need to be fixed it needs to be accepted, and usually by us more than by others.

Trans need to feel accepted, not butchered under the knife. Having an issue with your sense of biological gender, is an Identity Crisis. Trying to convince yourself or someone else, that you or they are on a spectrum is Identity Politics and Cultism that is leaving vulnerable people open to abuse, because the people who then accept them are likely to encourage them to join the Cult of HRT and surgical self-mutilation. Big Pharma and Medicine simply benefit from this, and in buckets.

but… to confuse this with the science of gender binary in biological terms, is the essence of Identity Politics, and not factual.


We cannot change the Universal fundamental energetic design of Yin and Yang forces that achieve procreation. You can mutilate your body using surgery and powerful hormone drugs, and you can also falsify scientific research to create a false narrative. That is exactly what is going on today. But nothing is changing in the forces of Nature at all. Masculine and Feminine forces are fundamental.

Gender is binary, and always will be until the day that the Universe disappears and a new and different one takes it’s place that functions to completely different Laws regarding procreation.

When a biologically born male professes to know what it means to be female, I call bullshit. How can you know that experience when you are biologically male? And vice versa, of course. I have come across many women trying to be men, but honestly it is a joke to me when they try, they clearly have no concept of masculinity at all even on heavy HRT drugs and after surgery. Some can fake it well, and that is about it. They have not become a woman without using self-mutilation and HRT drugs to achieve a close proximal effect, but not an actual transition, it is a lie.

Dress-up and self mutilation do not permit you to hijack the binary opposite of your own gender out of Political convenience to claim a new Identity. It does not work like that, even if you join an Identity Cult that likes to think it is true, and is hell bent on re-writing Science to fit.

Trans deserve acceptance, absolutely!

To be clear about this, I am not saying Trans are wrong or need to be treated any differently to any human. Trans are Trans. Simple. They should be shown respect the same as anyone, but to think you are a woman in a man’s body is the very definition of an Identity Crisis. How can a person born biologically a man, know what it feels like to be a woman?

A Trans existence needs to be accepted as such, something to come to terms with, and not have HRT and mutilation applied to achieve a warped end result. A man will never become a female. A female will never become a man. Not without HRT and the surgical knife, which create a falsity anyway, it is a facade, an appearance, a lie. The moment you stop taking HRT you will start to return to your former state. What does this tell you?

Trying to create a gender “spectrum”, is just part of that nefarious Cult of Identity Politics, and it is a cult, and it is being encouraged and funded for all the wrong reasons. The Cult is supported by Big Pharma and the Medical world because they want more customers from a vulnerable and extremely easily influenced subset of humanity.

It is being encouraged and supported and funded by the Politically Correct, because they have been duped into thinking Trans need help of the wrong kind. Trans don’t really need anything more than any of us need – acceptance for what we are, and to feel valued as a part of society.

Trans are the biggest Gender-Binary believers of all

Finally, no one is more binary-gender thinking than Trans folk, why? because they are using dress-up, HRT, and self-violence expressed as genital mutilation, to force themselves towards a binary-gender outcome. Identity Crisis leads them to try to force the issue because they hope to feel better in themselves by doing so. They are sold this lie by people with vested interests, and this is why it is correctly considered to be a cult.

Trans just need to become accepted as Trans, most of all by themselves, so that they no longer get tricked into thinking the answer lies at one end, or other, nor somewhere in between the two end points of the so-called Gender spectrum.

As Frank Zappa once so perfectly put it – “You are what you is, and that’s all it is, you ain’t what you’re not, so see what you got.We all suffer an Identity Crisis at some level, but none more so than Trans, and none are more vulnerable than Trans at this time because of who seeks to abuse them with HRT and mutilation.

The belief in multiple Genders, is about Identity Politics driving a narrative and trying to force a reality into existence, and it is not, and never will be, about biological fact.

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