Male Feminists

Male Feminists

Male Feminists fall into four main categories.

  1. Predator
  2. Subservient White Knight
  3. “Yes Darling”
  4. Uneducated male

1. Predator

This is the worst kind, but also the least common because they are not really supportive of Feminism, they are just using it to get in the door. They feign being supportive but are looking for sex, or to manipulate and control women emotionally.

They are often extremely charming, successful, and intelligent and know how to get through women’s defenses using those things. Their main tactics will involve targeting the female sense of self-worth, or lack of it, and playing the emotional ally while actually being colder than a dead shark.

2. Subservient White Knight

These are the most common kind by a long stretch. They believe they know what women want, but really just suck up to them. They seek the approval of women.

They infantilize women and think that women need their help, often to the point of patronizing female “gifts” and abilities, while putting them on a pedestal. They think that they are great with women, and that women think them to be wonderful. They have no idea that women are just playing with them while dishing out just enough “maybe one day” to keep them on the leash. They live in the friend-zone. They are not respected by women, but they are useful to them.

Protect the Future Of The Species With Your Life

All men are unconsciously driven by The Male Biological Imperative which simply put, is what drives men to rescue “women and children first” and to defend the honor of women. This a powerful instinctive response that has been put there by Nature to maintain the species survival. We feel good when we sacrifice ourselves for this cause, but it is Nature’s trick.

Painful examples of this can be seen on Reddit in r/Fightporn (not for the faint hearted), that show endless real-life examples of men pouncing violently on other men whenever a woman is physically challenged by a male. At first glance, why would we question this act? But on deeper consideration, it is driven by the assumption that women are weaker and need male protection. This is the infantilization of the feminine.

Men can act savagely to defend women without thinking about why and feel good when doing it. This can leave us open to manipulation by women that know men will always respond in this way. The White Knight, is a victim to this instinctive response, never questions it, and will be used by women tirelessly to do their bidding. Whenever a woman offers hugs in exchange for labour, you can bet she is working on this aspect of a man.

The “I have a Lesbian Consultant” Argument

Male Feminists often claim to have at least one “lesbian feminist friend” that they consult with regularly, thus believing themselves to have a superior education and understanding of both sides of the fence. Unfortunately, and in most cases, these men become easy targets for dominating women. They do their bidding completely unaware that they are being manipulated by the Feminist narrative and have become the equivalent of a flying monkey.

A perfect example of a Subservient White Knight in the public eye is the former prince Harry (seen in the title picture caricature). He has been completely taken over, with no idea that it has happened.

3. “Yes Darling”

These kind are closer in numbers to the Subservient White Knight, but have learnt that saying nothing is the best policy. Just agreeing with women makes for an easier life.

The difference between this man and the Subservient White Knight, is that they have kept their own mind. They are independent thinkers, but they are scared of women’s emotional reactions and fear her wrath. Mummy issues abound.

They often date emotionally dominating women, but have learnt ways to manage themselves around them to avoid admitting to the awareness that she is not always right. When things get feisty, they will use pacifying phrases like, “I understand” & “Yes darling” until the storm has passed. They are obedient, because they cannot stand up to her emotional domination when she throws a tantrum (they need mummy to be happy). This leaves them in the submissive position of a power dynamic (in an unhealthy way).

If pushed, they will usually end up behaving like a Subservient White Knight rather than standing up to an emotionally forceful woman. They will later sheepishly apologize to the lads and make a joke out of it, to which the lads will all nod understandingly then call him pussy-whipped.

4. Uneducated Males

This makes up most of the rest of us males, and actually covers the entire gamut of Male Feminists except for Predators (who simply don’t care about women and are just interested in using them).

Uneducated men have not understood the need, or value, of standing up to women, or more importantly, why it is vital that we oppose Feminist doctrines if we want to achieve true equity, (Equity is possible, while Equality is not).

Nor have uneducated males understood the covert power of the Feminine to manipulate, often unconsciously, by default. Most of all, they have not understood the one thing that women do want – Men strong enough to stand up to their shit.

Am I A Woman Hater?

Do I really need to add this section to explain that I am not? Of course I do.

The most common response when first hearing this is to say “you just hate women”. The fact is, this is not about women, it is about people playing power games to manipulate situations. Pointing that out, is not misogyny, and why would anyone defend it by suggesting that it is? That is a bigger question.

What I have focused on, in this and the other articles I link at the end of this article, is just one side of the coin. I am hugely in favour of women finding their place in the world. I am extremely grateful to women, and I have been supported throughout my life by amazing ones. I could not exist without them, and I happily acknowledge their increasingly valuable presence in the world.

But Feminist doctrine and ideology is a false narrative. As such, I cannot support it, and worse than the feminist narrative, is the male feminist because his intentions are insincere. Those guys deserve my undivided attention, because to some extent we are responsible for each others evolution in supporting women properly, honestly, and with integrity. We cannot do that, if we do not talk about this stuff, wrong or right.

I hope my sentiment in writing this article is not misunderstood, but I certainly expect it will be. Feel free to address it in the comments section.

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise

If you can do that, then you may become a man, my son.

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