“Where do I go to meet a woman I want to have a long term relationship with? I’ve mostly been in and out of bars just trying to get laid.”

“Where do I go to meet a woman I want to have a long term relationship with? I’ve mostly been in and out of bars just trying to get laid.”

Ah yea, I love this question… been dying to see someone post it on a forum and I finally got the chance to answer it yesterday, so thought I would share it in a blog post on here.

1. Read Neil Strauss book “The Game” – learn the science of approaching women, but ignore all the other PUA crap everywhere, all the rest is misogynist crap. But Neil’s book is the original and will give you a breakdown education of how the psychology works around communication between men and women, and most of all, it points out the games that we play. Ignore all your Feminist friends telling you that you are a misogynist loser for reading the book, they have no idea what it is like to be a man trying to speak to women. The art of overcoming fear and developing strategies to enable you to talk to any woman in the world, it is all in there. Also, try to find a wingman to go out and do the stuff with, it helps push you past your natural fears.

Then read…

2. The Passionate Marriage – book by Dr David Schnarch. You need to read this because you need to know just how difficult it is to manage one of those woman things once you get hold of one and it attaches itself to you. This book will help. It’s like the Haynes car manual guide to Women and will get you out of the places that you will get stuck. And you will get stuck, we all do. The trouble comes when trying to communicate in their language, some foreign weird shiz, probably has a name but no one ever told me what it was, but yes, this book will help you speak in Woman. When you get hold of one, you will need it, so you may as well start learning the art before that woman you are dreaming about shows up.


3. Go sign up to Vipassana Mediation retreat by SN Goenka. You need this because when you get so fucking confused you can’t think and the hot babe 10/10 that you pulled after you read the book in #1 has started giving you so much shit that you can’t understand wtf happened, this will give you 10 days grace to come up with a plan on how to get rid of her. Joking aside, this will help you with your inner stillness, your sense of masculine grounding and holding presence, and your innate sense of purpose at being alive. You need this for your sexual prowess (lesson 5), and your mastery of standing still in the storm of her wrath, just before you say “yea babe, I completely understand” instead of losing your mind and then throwing her in the river. It is like the Haynes car manual to being a human, and mastering being a man. It is tough, but worth the work to do it a few times to see the benefits it offers.


4. Come back here and I will give you the next steps to 100% success with women, but you need to understand the first three first
, before I can explain the mystery of what I share with you next.

The above was done in a tongue-in-cheek way, but in all honesty, those really are the three most important steps that I would suggest to any man who is seriously asking that question. If you want to know why, then ask me in the comments section.

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