The Currency Of “Attention”

The Currency Of “Attention”

Her body, Her choice“, and Fuck you!

The ever-more-obvious vagina-and-ass-hugging design is putting virtually-naked women in the public domain without any consideration for the effect on others.

We are told – “Her body, her choice” – but this is an incredibly self-centered and entitled approach to take. These outfits are designed to grab men’s attention, but not for the reason we assume.

For Competing With Other Women, Not Attracting Men

The sexual design is not there for attracting men, it is there to beat other women in getting male attention. Think about that. They want to affect men, and force men to look at them, but they do not want those men to then engage them. They will claim those men are harassing them if they do.

I talk about how this double-standard works in an article on Female HypoAgency. (Women have the capacity to be Agents or Objects, depending on how it suits them in the moment. Take the woman in body-hugging yoga pants running through the park alone at night, she is empowered, strong, brave, and she can do anything (Agent), but if she decides that you looking at her is not to her liking, then she can switch and become a victim of harassment (Object). She needs no proof, only the claim, no one will doubt her.)

But this is a double-standard, and strangely, our society is now encouraging it in young women to the point that they are running around almost naked, and this has become normalised.

The Sexual Harassment of Men Is Denied

Wearing clothes that make you look naked, then running through the park with the purpose of getting noticed, is nothing short of the sexual harassment of males. This behaviour is also vehemently denied. “Her body, her choice”, men should look the other way, they tell us.

But she is naked, she is trying to get our attention, and actually this is all Entitled Princess behaviour. Why should men have to put up with that? But they do put up with it because they get something in return.

If You Mention It, You Are A Pervert

Pointing this behaviour out will incur the wrath of everyone and get a man labelled as a pervert. Men and Women will think him at fault, and both will agree that it is harassment of the woman to even mention that she is naked. Why is a man even focusing on it? It must mean he is a pervert, right?

Er…she is naked. Does no one see the glaringly obvious issue here?

The reason it incurs the wrath of other men who have come to accept this behaviour as normalized, I go into on the subject of the Male Feminist in a separate article. But there are a number of different reasons men do not say anything.

For many men, this is their only opportunity to ogle women while pretending they are not. It’s a symbiotic, silent agreement. Women allow men a quick glance, so long as our eyes do not linger, and so long as we don’t admit to what they are doing by wearing these things. But it is denying the facts.

Though both sides will defend their position for different reasons, both get something out of it.

How The Interaction Plays Out…

A woman coming towards me is wearing vagina-accentuating yoga pants. My instinct is being targeted, and she knows this full well. She is looking at me to catch my reaction.

I fight the urge to look at the accentuated parts, especially the vagina, the legs, or the ass. But my natural instinct to look is very strong. I want to look, I admit it. But I have to fight it. I know that I need to, a lot depends on it. She has tractor-beam powers with these things. She knows this full well, and will be watching me intently while pretending not to.

Her look will happen in swift side-glances, right up until I give in and look, or walk past her. She is checking to make sure that I respond in the way she wants me to – by looking at her. If I look, that is a win. But that is all she wants, she does not want me to engage her further, or look for longer than a split second. The currency is my attention.

If I leave it at that, all will be fine. I can take a quick look, but no more. She will allow that and get back to ignoring me the moment I do look because that’s the win she was after, she now feels empowered, wanted, and valued because she got yet another man’s attention. Cha-ching! Once she gets that single look from me, I am dismissed, and she can now get on to attracting the next guy coming down the path.

To be clear, it was never about me, it was always just about getting my attention.

If Your Girlfriend is With You, They Intensify

You might think this only happens if you are a lone male, but actually it is worse when you are with a woman.

They want my attention NOT because they want me, I am just an objectified pawn in their game. They want confirmation that they have the power to attract my attention more than any other women, i.e. that they can control me.

If I am walking with my partner, and I am distracted by this other woman’s yoga pants, that tells her that she is more in control of me than my partner is. It’s an ugly and immature game, because the woman is using her power to deflate my partners self-esteem, and by doing so increase her own.

Women are in a constant competition for attention and this expresses in many social settings. Whoever wins the attention, gets to feel good about themselves, and whoever loses, will feel deflated. This is extremely competitive and aggressive behaviour, and all women know it is going on. Some sisterhood, huh!

This is another reason why men do not dare admit to this phenomenon, because their partner’s self-esteem depends upon us lying about it. I call that a dysfunctional dynamic. The way I seek to address it, is by talking to my partner about these incidents and their effect. But this does not make it easier, because those women will still play the game and seek to lower the self-esteem of my partner just to feel good about themselves, all done by targeting my attention. Women do this to each other all the time.

So, it’s a competition for attention, but women engage in it against each other. The men are almost irrelevant in this game. And this is why the stakes have driven it to the point that women are now running around naked to compete against the other women for attention.

Do Not Engage The Entitled Princess – She Has All The Power

If I make the mistake of smiling, or if my eyes linger too long on the yoga pants, this will unleash the beast in her. She will suddenly become aggressive, and either roll her eyes in disgust at me, or tutt, or if I am too brazen, she will point it out to her friend who is with her. Suddenly, her being nearly naked in public, is my fault.

The thought of being singled out by her is scary, because I know the consequences. If she makes a complaining sound, the community at large will attack me and shame me. This gives her immense power, and she knows this. In fact, this is why she is wearing the damn things. It gives her a sense of power over men. I am at her mercy, in these god damn yoga pants that she is trying to get my attention with. If she was just wearing something less obvious, it would be more difficult to accuse me of anything, because I would not be getting tricked into looking!

She wants my attention, but only on her terms, for a millisecond and no more. That is all I am permitted. She is a princess, after all, and I am not worthy. This is the message here. If I was a hunky gym instructor of high value to her, it might be different, but I am not. I know my place. It is at the bottom.

Every which way in this, she has all the power and she is willfully using it on me, all the while completely denying it. I call that dysfunctional too.

If You Engage Or Say Anything, You Could Lose Everything

MeToo showed men that they are guilty until proven innocent, there is no due process anymore. If a woman makes an accusation, even if it is false, they will believe the woman without any question. A man will lose his job and be targeted in the press even before it goes to a court case. All a woman need do is make an accusation. So, why are women running round my park naked?

If I look for too long at the very thing she is trying to get me to look at, that is SEXUAL HARASSMENT and I could go to prison, or at the very least lose my job.

If I mention that I find her clothes sexually offensive, that is also SEXUAL HARASSMENT and I could go to prison, or at the very least lose my job.

She has all the power, and I have none. I am not allowed to ask that women do not run about the park naked. To ask that, is considered the oppression of women and further proof that I am a pervert.

Wearing these kind of clothes entitles the princess to claim that I am harassing her. The ironic thing is, that because she is wearing tight yoga pants, this makes it all the more convincing for others to accept that I am the pervert for even being concerned by this. Its my fault. Its my responsibility not to look at women who are targeting me deliberately by walking around naked.

Okay. I get it. But the world has gone mad.

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