Entitled Princess Syndrome

Entitled Princess Syndrome

A recent interview with Keira Knightley got my attention. It can be read here, but I will share the relevant points below, here’s the quote.

“In the age of #MeToo, actress Keira Knightley says that she does not know anyone (woman) who hasn’t been harassed at some point. The interview took place while wandering the streets of North London. During the interview, journalist Lydia Slater notes, a lone male stranger allegedly approached Knightley and shouted at her,
“Do you go to this school? You look very young!”
“Thank you,” replied Knightley as she and Slater sought “sanctuary in a nearby garden square” where the man proceeded to follow them.”

On first read this seems perfectly understandable. But lets consider a few things.

The Wrong Kind Of Attention

Keira Knightley has made a living out of seeking attention. But when it is the “wrong kind” of attention, she has complaints. The wrong kind of attention is easily defined by her, subjectively, using Female HypoAgency.

(Women have the capacity to be Agents or Objects, depending on how it suits them in the moment. When Keira is getting the kind of attention she likes, then she is empowered, strong, brave, and she can do anything (Agent), but if she decides that you speaking to her is not to her liking, then she can switch and become a victim of harassment (Object), and be believed automatically. This is HypoAgency).

She chooses how to define this incident based on her feelings at the time. Feelings. It is always based on Feelings. Feelings that can easily be made up for the later story, because women only need to claim a feeling of “fear” to be believed automatically.

Entitled Princesses Demand Special Treatment

A man following them into a park must mean he is following them, not that he is also interested in using the park.

Ignoring the obvious “everything is all about me” that is exhibiting here, she can spin it how she wants, we just #BelieveWomen because why would they make it up? And this kind of harassment happens all the time, apparently. Not surprisingly, since actually there was no harassment in this story, just a princess and her feelings.

But actually, that is not good enough, what happens all the time? Other human beings existing in the same world as Keira, not behaving how she wants them to? What does she expect?

Entitled princesses expect a lot more obedience and subservience from men, because they are entitled, and they think they deserve special treatment. They claim everything we do is directed at them, yet they seek our attention all the time too, and in this case made a career out of it.

I am reminded of a quote, “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” – Thomas Sowell

Subjective Feelings – It’s All About MeMeMe

In the example, the guy shouts, “do you go to this school, you look very young”. Why does he shout this? Is he mad, or far away, or maybe deaf? He is probably a homeless person, if that is the case it might explain him also heading into the park, but they make it about them in the article because everything is about them when you are an entitled princess.

But I am not interested in explaining this man anyway, because it is weak dramatization to claim fear just from these words and the fact that he then followed them into a public park. This is the conceit of assumptions based on self-importance. Note how the woman with her says the man spoke to Keira not her. Keira is on every television in the land, how is this event strange or different to any other famous star’s experience of their doting public saying odd things because they are familiar with them? Male or Female.

This sounds like a princess bragging about how much attention she gets, while playing up the victim aspect of it all. There was no victim in this story. Then spending the rest of the interview telling us how hard it is for her being so beautiful/rich/famous. We mere mortals can’t possibly understand how hard she has it.

The Narrative Based On Feelings

It all falls under exactly what I have been saying in other posts about Feminism and the narrative. Convenient, dramatic story-telling that revolves around a woman seeking attention in the first place, becoming world famous to pretty much every man in the street, then claiming fear when a male is drawn to try to speak to her. How very dare he!

Princesses do not want our attention unless it is on their terms. Nothing took place in this incident that was dangerous except for the subjective claims of their feelings, conveniently painted up into a terrifying drama. How tough was the experience on a scale of one to ten? Really.

This is the entitled princess syndrome of the attention-seeking junkie who not only wants attention, but still wants to play the eternal victim when she gets it. It’s power-games, and men are the unwitting, and somewhat unaware, pawns in this game.

If you spend your entire life seeking the attention of people, earning money for it, then get upset because someone engages you in public in a way that is totally innocent on the face of it, there is something you need to be addressing in your sense of perspective. Kiera Knightly, seems to be an attention junkie with entitled princess syndrome in full effect.

But she doesnt stop there. Keira has a solution…

The Feminist Gulag

Further on in the article and, “Knightley suggested the incident would be a good example as to why men should be given a curfew.”

What? We are not obedient pet dogs here to obey your every whim, madam. Many men have to live in parks because they are homeless, where does she live? A million dollar mansion somewhere, no doubt. Because a human being speaks to Keira in public in the day time, they should not be allowed out at night? This is way out of order, even for a princess, but this level of revelation from these creatures is a sign of the times. They are getting far too much attention and now believe their nonsense is realistic.

The irony is, that the moment a princess like Keira stops getting our attention, they will complain about it and seek it. My partner once defined the modern princess perfectly as, “Look at me, look at me. What the fuck are you looking at!”

If Keira had her way and a curfew was enforced on men, she might enjoy the power-kick she gets to exert that for a while, but if those men were then given their own park to use, it would not be long before women like Keira would be demanding they be allowed to use it too, and then claiming it unfair and patriarchal oppression for us to be refusing.

They want it all both ways, why? Because they are power-mad, spoilt, attention-seeking junkies who think they are princesses, entitled to demand every little thing they want, and are very used to getting it all their way.

The hypocrisy is shocking, and they do not acknowledge that they might be bringing these issues into existence in the first place with their demands.

It’s About Her Vagina Being The Most Important Thing On Earth

Later on in the piece she expands on the problem, ““I mean, everybody has (been harassed). Literally, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been, in some way, whether it’s being flashed at or groped, or some guy saying they’re going to slit your throat, or punching you in the face, or whatever it is, everybody has,” she said.”

Some very extreme examples she provides here for effect. All the while ignoring that this is a two-way street. For every male flasher, there is a woman trying to get our attention. I have been groped by women, and had women harass me trying to make me do things. Female emotional manipulation has been a daily experience. I have been hit by angry girlfriends, admittedly none threatened to slit my throat, but one woman did once threaten to have me beaten up if I did not continue to see her sexually. It was hard to believe, but real enough for me to take it seriously. I have known women flirt with men just to get their boyfriend into fights. It’s a swamp out there, and women are not the innocent party in that swamp, they are complicit.

Women are as brutal, cruel, competitive and aggressive as men, if not more so, but somehow this all gets forgotten because they have a vagina and so need special treatment. Men may be targeted in other ways too, covert ways or outright lies such as Amber Heard is getting away with right now, or how the system denies fathers access to their kids on a woman’s whim. I have a number of male friends who I have seen destroyed by this nasty level of abuse and cannot afford the legal fees required to get the woman to stop doing it.

Harassment is not a female-only experience in the way she claims by any means. For her to do so is ignorant, and she is not alone in that ignorance, it’s an epidemic of delusion rashing across our culture, and it is annoying that she is so up her own ass to suggest it is the whole story, but comes as no surprise in a world so full of these creatures.


I hope this article has gone some way to show that modernity is creating entitled princesses that have no concept of just how dysfunctional their behaviour is becoming. Worse, they often create the problem, then complain about the results, while taking no personal responsibility for their complicity in it. But the truth is, that the moment that we stop giving our attention to these kinds of women, they then demand it, because the currency of the entitled princess is “attention”.

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