Female HypoAgency

Female HypoAgency

Meet the mimic octopus (1.5 min video)…its relevance will become apparent. I call this one Amber Heard.



Female HypoAgency and The Male Biological Imperative are two forces that work together and need to be understood for men and women to progress with integrity. I will deal with Female HypoAgency in this article and The Male Biological Imperative in another, but will mention both in each.

[This was first published in 2019 as part of a larger article here, but has been adapted here for brevity and clarity]

What Is Female HypoAgency?

Female HypoAgency allows women to switch back and forth between being an Agent (Independent woman in charge of her choices), and being an Object (Victim). In short, she can play the powerful woman in charge of her own destiny in one moment and then play innocent victim the next, all based on how it suits her at the time.

All woman have access to it, but not all women abuse it. The ones that do, have no idea that they are manipulating the situation by doing so. This is because it is a power they have had access to since birth.

This HypoAgency is not available to men, though it is to Trans, and to some extent this might be a driving force when men seek to change their identity through gender in order to get at this power. (Men are HyperAgent which means they can never be Objects, but can become obsessive Agents, but I will not go into this here).

A Position Of Covert Power

Feminism functions from the narrative that all men have power and all women are powerless. But this is just an expression of HypoAgency, and not at all true.

Like in the game of Chess, the King rules the game but when you observe the game in action, you see that the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board by far. It is all about the King, but the Queen rules. In this same way, women are the arbiters of society and always have been.

HypoAgency is the more powerful position, because it allows the user to benefit from being an Agent while also being an Object. They have many more positions at their disposal, and they can switch between them believably. This makes their power covert, and this is why it goes undetected so often.

This is where the Mimic octopus starts to reveal its predatory superiority. A woman willing to switch roles and mimic one or the other, Agent or Object, becomes capable of anything because she is then able to delude the viewer into thinking that she is what she pretends to be. Empowered feminine, or victim. Both are believable in a woman.

I provide some examples of strategically aggressive women doing this, later in the article. But first we need to discuss some other aspects of it.

Plausible Deniability

Being able to switch between Agent and Object, gives a female Plausible Deniability by default. Because she can play the Object, she is no longer expected to be responsible for her own choices, even if she is the one controlling the situation.

For example, a woman does not have to give sexual consent, it is the man’s job to get it. If he fails to get it, then he is held responsible for the sex act, and she is not. If they are both drunk, then he is considered the perpetrator and she the victim. He is made responsible for both of them and she is responsible for neither of them.

Even if she gives clear verbal consent at the time (Agent), and then changes her mind later, she can then play on HypoAgency to claim that she was the victim (Object) and be assumed to be telling the truth at face value.

The #MeToo campaign works on HypoAgency, as does #BelieveWomen. A woman can choose who she sleeps with, but does not have to be responsible for that decision later. It works even more in her favour if she did not take responsibility at the time because it defaults to the man to have done so. For this reason, it is of benefit to women to create Plausible Deniability, and she will have been learning how to do this her whole life because her status depends upon it.

Our culture and legal system works from the standpoint that a woman is telling the truth and that a man is guilty by default. Worse, the man will lose his job before due-process even gets started, so a simple accusation is enough and if she is caught out, she will be shown far more leniency than the man would despite his life likely being destroyed long before it got to court.

This shows the power of HypoAgency is deeply embedded in our mindsets and our culture, and not just in the legal system.

The question is – Why is it this way? Let’s look at some other related issues before discussing that.

Infantilizing The Feminine

When we do not let women take personal responsibility for their decision making, that is the infantilizing of the feminine. Why do we treat adult women like they are children that constantly need help and forgiveness? Female HypoAgency provides one answer, but The Male Biological Imperative provides the other.

The Male Biological Imperative

When Female HypoAgency meets The Male Biological Imperative (the male urge to sacrifice himself to protect women and children), it creates an amplified condition that has a darker side – women can then play on men’s desire to rescue them. Our culture even has a saying to support this biological drive – “Women and children first”. And you will often see men sacrifice themselves happily to protect both.

Over a million men willingly died in World War I to protect the homestead and were proud to do so. Men do most of the dangerous grunt jobs in society today, and are proud to do so. Men will put women and children first in any disaster situation, and are proud to do so.

If this seems fine to you, then consider what we would be hearing today if one million women had been sent to the trenches during the great war and were shot if they refused to go, or if women were asked to do all the dangerous jobs in society. Something does not add up in this “equality” we all are sold by Feminism.

When a woman plays the victim, men fall for it because they get to feel needed as a protector. I go into this in more detail in an article on Male Feminists, and it is a huge issue standing in the way of progression for both sexes. Men think they are supporting women, but in fact they are often either being used by them, or unwittingly enabling them to function in Female HypoAgency. Feminism has successfully weaponized The Male Biological Imperative.

The Male Biological Imperative is programmed into us by Nature. We even get to “feel good” doing it! This feeling of reward is so deeply ingrained in our physiology, that we do not even see ourselves engaging in it, and certainly do not see a problem with it, even when women start to take advantage of it.

If you have the stomach for it, take a spin through the videos on Reddit in a subreddit called r/FightPorn. It is not pleasant, but it is a perfect example of The Male Biological Imperative in action. Whenever you find a woman hitting a man, watch what happens. The woman can hit the man all she likes, but the moment the man has had enough and hits the woman back, all the men watching will jump in to stop him, often then beating him senseless in a justified attack because he threatened the most important member of our species.

Some men have started to become aware of this anomaly, and the Urban dictionary has jokingly come to call women taking advantage of Female HypoAgency and The Male Biological Imperative in this way, using the “Pussy Pass”. But as much as that is a humorous term, it is a very common dynamic that men, and society, pander to constantly.

When Actions Have Consequences

Many women will be surprised to find there are consequences for their actions when they don’t get away with using Female HypoAgency.

Since it has been available to them all their lives, so being denied it will result in explosive reactions or genuine shock. The most common of which, is to keep reminding everyone how she is the real victim, and she will go into every victim state that she can conjure in an attempt to get someone to jump in and rescue her, or simply let her off.

Society often obliges. So, in some ways she can be forgiven for trying, since it is the most successful approach and the one most likely to work in her favour more often than not.

The Unholy Trinity

Feminism is a billion dollar marketing machine that has been spending a lot of money on educating modern society while targeting men as the sole perpetrators of society’s woes, and men as the oppressors of women in the form of The Patriarchy. The message is this – “it is all men’s fault”. And when you have billions of dollars in funding, you can turn this narrative into a believable reality, and that is exactly what Feminism has done and then sold it to men and women convincingly. But it’s a lie.

This subject will require its own article, as the narrative that Feminism has managed to create since the last World War is so prevalent, that it is not easy to convince anyone of just what a problem it has conjured up. Especially since no one sees it as a problem but sees it as the “empowerment” of the Feminine.

Suffice to say the Unholy Trinity is: Female HypoAgency, The Male Biological Imperative, and The Billion Dollar Feminist Marketing machine that is now driving the message into all areas of our culture.

Does this matter? Surely women need to be supported? Well yes and no, it matters because the message and the narrative are delusional. If they succeed in getting rid of “toxic masculinity” who is going to fight the next war for them?

I will address this further in another article, because it is a big monster to take on.

Aggressive Females Play The Eternal Victim

Let’s look at some examples of aggressive and competitive women that use HypoAgency to get ahead and then later play victim. This will help to show the patterns that exhibit, and how they often use the same methods.

Like the Mimic octopus these women are not victims, they are predatory agents of their own destiny. When cornered, they will consistently drive the story that they are the real victim. This narrative becomes obsessive, because it is the weapon they have relied on all their lives to deceive everyone. It is through this repetitive patterned-behavior as the eternal victim, that men can learn to spot it, overcome their Male Biological Imperative that she will be playing into, and then avoid being targeted by these kinds of women.

Five Cases Worth Studying

Asia Argento is a good example of a woman that targets men aggressively but still manages to be considered the victim. She even raped a young boy, but she has since been “let off” simply because she is a woman. No one cares. Society doesn’t see it as a crime when it is done by a woman. I will discuss her in more depth shortly.

Cardi B, the female rapper, drugged men, robbed them, and raped them. Using Female HypoAgency she later claimed that she “had to do it” because she was poor. She was then made Woman of the Year 2020 after this came out despite admitting to all those crimes. Hard to believe, yet this is not uncommon.

I have to mention Amber Heard, but she is such a well documented sociopathic nut-case, that I don’t think she even needs mentioning now. She is one of the finest examples of Female HypoAgency, and I am sure it wont take anyone long to spot it now that she is being revealed in public. Whenever I look at the Mimic octopus, I see Amber. She is glorious and deadly.

Keira Knightley, who is not exactly an aggressive man-hunter, but clearly uses Female HypoAgency to make out that men are targeting her when it suits her narrative. I recently discussed an interview with her, because it showed how Female HypoAgency has started to create Entitled Princesses in our culture. That article can be read here – Entitled Princess Syndrome. These kinds of women are less dangerous than Asia Argento, Amber Heard, or Cardi B, but are no less willing to throw men under the bus, use them willfully to make a career, and then blame them for everything. Keira even wants men to function to a curfew.

Lastly, and the least problematic but no less vocal, is Brie Larson, who is sweet but completely deluded. For instance, she claims that she does her own stunts, but that amounts to her swinging from a rope, once. Two other women do the stunts for her. This is the kind of rhetoric we are now seeing in our culture from many women who think that it is “all men’s fault“, and that they are empowered with Feminist superpowers. The blame for this delusion lies firmly with the Feminist narrative.

Here is a fun little skit comparing Brie Larson and her claim to doing her own stunts, with Tom Cruise who actually does his own stunts.

Learning To Spot Them, So That We Can Avoid Them

How has all this come about? The power of Female HypoAgency is supreme because we are blind to it. The Mimic octopus has fooled everyone. Women who indulge themselves in it are either deluded, aggressive, ruthless, or in some cases dangerous. The one thing they are not, is victims. Though the one thing they will all consistently claim to be, is victims. But this is also how we spot them in order to know which women to avoid.

A recent study has shown a trait now being termed TIV or Tendency for Interpersonal Victimhood and this is the phenomenon in action.

Asia Argento, A Textbook Case

There is a certain irony in the fact that Asia Argento – the very person who started the MeToo campaign snowballing after her outburst at a Cannes event – then went on to be proven to be a sociopathic sexual predator. Not just allegedly, but proven guilty.

As an aside, it is also no surprise to discover that Oprah Winfrey encouraged her to take that Cannes step. Oprah’s power in Hollywood became supreme after Harvey Weinstein was undone, and she is now also behind Meghan Markle (Another great example of Female HypoAgency) and her using ex-prince Harry to build a money-making machine but also to deal in the Currency Of Attention, which is something I go into in another article.

Oprah feeding the snake. Not complicit, you say?

But let’s get back to Asia…

Asia later tried to deny her crime, and she lied through her teeth, and still lies even after being caught out. She lied very convincingly, because it seemed like an obvious attempt at a smear campaign. But then, when pictures and SMS texts surfaced of her and the boy that she targeted, there was no room left for her denial. Everyone else was able to accept it. Asia still denied it. As they always do when their backs are against the wall, she claimed that she was the real victim in the situation.

She knew exactly what she was doing. The end result…we let her off!

Asia Argento exhibits the classic phenomenon that they all exhibit – she genuinely believes that she is the real victim. To the point that you have to wonder what would ever make her realise that she is not. But I don’t think they can grasp it. They are not programmed with the capacity. They remain the victims in their own minds even while they are carrying out the crimes that only Agents could commit. The Mimic octopus, is a predator pretending to be a victim, but these creatures actually believe they are the victim.

This is Female HypoAgency, and it is consistently successful to the point of being an unacknowledged epidemic in modern society.

Then it got worse for Asia, when it turned out that she was not so much raped by Harvey Weinstein, as blew him willingly in order to get ahead in Hollywood, and not once, but often…

“She later had consensual encounters with Weinstein, she said, though she really felt “obliged” to comply, for fear he’d harm her career.”  

A perfect example of Female HypoAgency again. She used her wiles to get ahead (Agent), then later decided it was not okay, but rather than take responsibility, she switches to being the victim (Object). When questioned on her complicity, she turns the story into yet another victim-story defense. She felt “obliged” because she was afraid he would harm her career. Zero personal responsibility taken for her own actions, and because she is a woman in a sexual encounter, the man is held responsible instead. How very convenient.

How Harvery Weinstein Got Raped By Female HypoAgency

I do not like Harvery Weinstein, I think he deserves what he got, what I object to is the fact that, en masse, a lot of women played their Female HypoAgency cards and went from using him to progress their careers, to then playing victim in the courtroom years later to once again, progress their careers in the spotlight. What is truly incredible, is that no one even see this happening.

Here is a picture of some those same women being tormented by their “rapist”…

And from Argento’s original speech at Cannes…

“We know who you are, and we’re not going to allow you to get away with it any longer.”

Well, quite, if only this was true for women too. Except when women are committing the crimes, they almost always get away with it.

Here is the best explanation on Female HypoAgency, provided by the person who helped me understand it originally. This is the insightful, Karen Straughan


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If anyone reading this feels like they have been the victim of Female HypoAgency and the MeToo campaign and targeted unfairly, then I highly recommend contacting James Barnett of Barnett Survivors Limited, based in UK.

He has done work internationally to help victims of false accusations and understands better than anyone, the dynamics at work and the legal issues involved in fighting for justice against the damage caused by false accusations. He can be found through any of the links below.




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