The Male Biological Imperative

The Male Biological Imperative

Man shielding a woman he did not know during the Las Vegas shooting (Click on image for more info)


The Male Biological Imperative and Female HypoAgency are two forces that work together and need to be understood for men and women to progress with integrity. I will deal with The Male Biological Imperative in this article and Female HypoAgency in another, but will mention both in each.

[This was first published in 2019 as part of a larger article, but has been adapted here for brevity and clarity]

What Is The Male Biological Imperative?

Our culture has always sought to protect, serve, and cater to women and children. It is the biological imperative of our species to protect them at all cost. It makes sense, we need both for our species to survive, while men are conveniently disposable so are better suited to defend these precious beings.

Men are programmed by Nature with a sacrificial urge to achieve it, and will die happily by giving their lives for it as a cause. We honor them. It literally gives a man a sense of meaning to sacrifice himself in such a grand gesture.

There is also a physiological “feel good” to this behaviour, an endorphine release no doubt, and without that, I doubt very many men would be stupid enough to kill themselves without questioning why.

Men constantly sacrifice their lives to help women and children first. We surge with pride at the thought of protecting both, but it is also expected of us by our community and society. Of course there are exceptions, but such behaviour is frowned upon by society as cowardly. During the First World War you risked being shot for shirking on that duty.

But in modernity, with the absence of war and an increase in Feminist voice, this biological imperative has become weaponized.

Men Must Die, So That Women Can Live

Over a million men willingly died in World War I to protect the homestead and were proud to do so. Men do most of the dangerous grunt jobs in society today, and are proud to do so. Men will put women and children first in any disaster situation, and are proud to do so.

If this seems fine to you, then consider what we would be hearing today if one million women had been sent to the trenches during the great war and were shot if they refused to go, or if women were asked to do all the dangerous jobs in society.

Something does not add up in this “lack of equality” we hear so much about from Feminism.

Men Protect Women Instinctively

If you have the stomach for it, take a spin through the videos on Reddit in a subreddit called r/FightPorn. It is not pleasant, but it is a perfect example of The Male Biological Imperative in unconscious action. Whenever you find a woman hitting a man, watch what happens. The woman can hit the man all she likes, but the moment the man has had enough and hits the woman back, all the men watching will jump in to stop him, often then beating him senseless in a justified attack because he threatened the most important member of our species.

This is not just a coincidence, this is a functioning part of the fabric of our society and the way we are designed by Nature. The Male Biological Imperative is there to protect women, it is rooted in the need to save the one thing that can propagate the species. It is an immensely powerful force, and hard to even spot unless you are looking for it and know what to look for, yet it is in every act of every man at some level.

We want to protect women, we long to protect women. It is a need in us which can sometimes become overbearing for women. But it is also easily used by women to their advantage, and Feminism has made a business out of this fact.

Man’s Sole Value is As Sacrifice

Man’s only real value to the species is to be a sacrifice for women and children. That is the true definition of The Patriarchy – Men sacrificing themselves for women and children, or in context of an every day situation – working themselves to death for their families.

Unfortunately now that men are no longer needed for wars on the front, Feminism has managed to weaponize The Male Biological Imperative and now wants men to sacrifice themselves for a new cause, Female Empowerment.

This is fine on the face of it, but what they are demanding goes beyond just giving women Equal Rights. Feminism wants to rule and subjugate males through emasculation and the eradication of so-called “toxic masculinity”, and I go into this shortly if you have any doubts about that.

If this is true, then this will effectively create a Feminist Gulag. This would be a mistake, not just for the men, but for women too. Because who will sacrifice themselves if and when war returns? Lest We Forget…

Some quotes from Camille Paglia on this subject…

“One of feminism’s irritating reflexes is its fashionable disdain for “patriarchal society,” to which nothing good is ever attributed. But it is patriarchal society that has freed me as a woman” – Camille Paglia

“It is capitalism that has given me the leisure to sit at this desk writing this book. Let us stop being small-minded about men and freely acknowledge what treasures their obsessiveness has poured into culture” – Camille Paglia

“Patriarchy, routinely blamed for everything, produced the birth control pill, which did more to free contemporary women than feminism itself” – Camille Paglia

“What feminism calls patriarchy is simply civilization, an abstract system designed by men but augmented and now co-owned by women” – Camille Paglia


So how has all this come about and what is going on exactly? First we need to understand some other concepts…

Female HypoAgency & The Male Biological Imperative

Female HypoAgency allows women to switch between being an an Agent (Independent woman in charge of her choices) or an Object (Victim). In short she can play powerful woman in charge of her own destiny in one moment, and then play innocent victim the next, all based on how it suits her at the time (I explain this in more detail in a seperate article on Female HypoAgency). This may seem harmless, but it has become a problem in modernity now that men are required less.

When Female HypoAgency meets The Male Biological Imperative, it creates an amplified condition that has a darker side – Women can then play on men’s desire to rescue them.

When a woman plays the victim (Object), men fall for it because they get to feel needed as a protector. I go into this behaviour in more detail in an article on Male Feminists, and it is a huge issue standing in the way of progression for both sexes. Men may think they are supporting women, but in fact they are often either being used by them, or unwittingly enabling them to function in Female HypoAgency.

Some men have started to become aware of this anomaly in modern culture, and the Urban dictionary has jokingly come to call women taking advantage of Female HypoAgency and The Male Biological Imperative in this way, using the “Pussy Pass”. But as much as that is a humorous term, it is a very common dynamic that men, and society, pander to constantly.

The Unholy Trinity

Feminism is a billion dollar marketing machine that has been spending a lot of money on educating modern society while targeting men as the sole perpetrators of society’s woes, and men as the oppressors of women in the form of The Patriarchy.

The message is this – “it is all men’s fault”. And when you have billions of dollars in funding, you can turn this narrative into a believable reality, and that is exactly what Feminism has done and then sold it to men and women convincingly.

But it’s a lie.

This subject will require its own article, as the narrative that Feminism has managed to create since the last World War is so prevalent, that it is not easy to convince anyone of just what a problem it has conjured up. Especially since no one sees it as a problem but sees it as the “empowerment” of the Feminine.

Suffice to say the Unholy Trinity is: Female HypoAgency, The Male Biological Imperative, and The Billion Dollar Feminist Marketing machine that is now driving the message into all areas of our culture.

Does this matter? Surely women need to be supported? Well yes and no, it matters because the message and the narrative are delusional. If they succeed in getting rid of “toxic masculinity” who is going to fight the next war for us?

I will address this further in another article, because it is a big monster to take on.

Toxic Masculinity & Female Empowerment

Toxic Masculinity has become a buzzword in modern culture. Men are now expected to behave and perform more like women, and to prove it by stepping aside for women.

Female Empowerment has also taken on a new value, and even female criminality (Cardi B made Woman of the Year) and delusion (Brie Larson thinking she does her own stunts) is now heralded as brave and commended, especially if it targets men in power while claiming female superiority.

Feminism has driven both of these concepts into existence. Feminism is seeking the emasculation of males, the deposing of males, and the elevation of female dominance in all areas of power, but never into areas of social responsibility. If this was for equality, that would be fine, but it is not, it is being done as a power-grab and the message is not “men are our equal”, it is “men are our oppressors”. Which is nonsense.

Men Are Disposable

Feminism has made men’s experiences not only less important than women’s, but completely irrelevant. Feminism claims Equality, but actually seeks Power. There is no concern given regards to inequality in such things as dangerous jobs, or the legal system when a man is targeted over his children, or when a woman rapes a man. Female criminality is played down, as is female responsibility in sexual consent, and pretty much everything, but that is Female HypoAgency in action.

In the article on Female HypoAgency, I go into five examples of famous women who use this to their advantage and in some cases avoid legal ramification for their actions simply because they are women.

The implication is that Women have it tough, men have had it easy. i.e. Female HypoAgency (women can enter positions of power (Agents), but are somehow still able to claim that they are the victims (Objects) when in those positions of power).

But the message is also that men need to do more to prove ourselves worthy (see article on Entitled Princess Syndrome), dying isn’t enough, apparently.

The Queen Is More Powerful Than The King

The fundamental issue here, is that women feel powerless and perceive that men have all the power. This is the message that Feminism has been driving all along to excuse the blatant targeting of men in positions of power.

But the fact is, they got it the wrong way around. Female HypoAgency is by far the more powerful position, because women can be either an Agent, or an Object and play at both while men can only ever be Agents.

Chess is a game won by the Queen, while being the King sucks. Life is actually not all that different in terms of power structure. And if you think women are not competitive and aggressive, think again, this is just more Feminist rhetoric driving a narrative. Women are extremely competitive and aggressive towards each other. The so-called Sisterhood, is Female HypoAgency in all its glory, it is a myth of convenience and always run by dominant females.

The game being played, is one of Power. But if women win it, they will also lose, because they are not ideally suited to being Agents when the shit hits the fan. This is why they will still need men.

Status-Driven Female Victim Stories

Women’s emotional experiences (subjective feelings) have been elevated to “essential listening” to the point that if women don’t have a victim-story, there must be something wrong. They are then forced to create one, and wear it on their sleeve as proof of value, but also as proof that The Patriachy is at fault.

The underlying message is that it is okay to usurp men in all ways because – “It’s all men’s fault”. Everything is. The reward for doing this is The Currency of Attention, which I go into in another article.

Part of the Billion Dollar Feminist marketing campaign has been to make us all aware of how hard women have it. But actually they do not. They have it easy in the modernity of the first-world, because the so-called Patriarchy has made it that way for them.

The So-Called Patriarchy

Over time, men created a civilized world for everyone to live in, men killed all the bears and wolves, fought back all the enemy tribes, got us out of caves by designing and then building luxurious homes, and bridges, and roads, and industrial businesses, and communication structures of technological convenience, and medicine, and explored the planet, and all of this was done to make a better world for everyone, especially for women and children.

So what is the problem? The problem is power. Women feel powerless, and want what they have been told, by Feminism, that men have. But we don’t. We were always working for women and children. Women always were the arbiters of society.

Feminism Has Misunderstood Why Women Feel Powerless

Women are extremely competitive, can be very aggressive, and thanks to Female HypoAgency can target whatever they want (Agent), but then act the victim (Object) in order to get it. Blindly empowered, women think that men have what they want so they use this method to target men.

But we don’t have the power they seek and they are slowly going to work this out the hard way. This is why women becoming “empowered” by Feminist doctrines are not finding happiness, but end up increasing their misery by overburdening themselves with both roles. How is being a single-mum, running a career, while still trying to satisfy all the family demands working out for them? Answer: Its still all men’s fault. Of course it is.

Women will still be given whatever they want by men (and the system) who are easily manipulated through their Male Biological Imperative, and their desire to help those “poor creatures” when they are claiming to be in distress. And this is why we hear about what victims women are, constantly. The sob story works every time when it is a woman crying victim. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made a political movement out of it, every other tweet is a victim story with her at the center of it

Because, Vagina.

Female Empowerment now insists on women getting what they want simply based on the fact they have a vagina. That is their the sole credential needed for access to STEM, and many other environments they can choose to demand access to. Doors will be opened, if you have one. Men go to the back of the line, and should be grateful to be empowering the far more important gender.

This may also be why so many men are now trying to become women.

Men have bent over backwards to achieve all this and more for women without any questions being asked, why? Because The Male Biological Imperative has programmed men to try to rescue women when they make sounds that imply they are in trouble. This is how Feminism has weaponized The Male Biological Imperative since the last World War. And without another war coming along to threaten the Feminists, it is not going to change any time soon. They are going to get a lot worse.

There should be no kid-glove approach to this, Feminism has created a lie and needs to be unmasked for it. The problem is, that no one is able to hear it for the reasons so far explained. Female HypoAgency is such an addictive power that it is hard to admit to, and The Male Biological Imperative has men so well programmed, that they do not even question women’s motives.

Women Taking Over Male-Only Spaces

Women have also begun to force their way into male-only spaces. First by claiming them to be full of Toxic Masculinity, and then forcing new rules that suit the Feminist doctrines, while ignoring any Masculine needs.

For Example, building sites and oil rigs were traditionally male spaces. Men could chat men-talk, laugh, and joke about men stuff, and be how they wanted to be, in a male-space without it being an issue. Not any longer. Here is a $100M law suit brought by a single woman alone on a oil rig. One has to wonder what the expectation was in putting her there, other than to change everything and introduce Feminist doctrines. She would not have been doing the grunt jobs, she would have been meeting “Gender Equality” targets (Feminist doctrine to gain access to power positions), and then creating a feminine “safe” space inside a dangerous environment. All of this, just to control men.

This has been happening on constructions sites too. Where women are now present, but not to do the dangerous jobs. Just to be there to make sure that the new Feminist laws force men to function in the way women want them to, or else get fired.

Men have been robbed of the right to be men. Yet at the same time are still required to do the dirty work, the dangerous work, all the while a woman hangs around nearby in make-up and tight clothing demanding men look at her, then creating a fuss when that attention is of the wrong-type. Why is she even there on an oil rig, on a construction site, underground in a mine, working on the tarmac?

The real reason is obvious. To remove the existence of men-only spaces and create a controlled environment where men are obedient and domesticated to the demands of what amounts to a Feminist Gulag.

Women should not be in these male-only spaces. They really need to get out, so men can do the job in peace without being targeted constantly by these attention-seeking junkies that cannot handle being around men, being men.

I go into this issue in further detail in an article on Entitled Princess Syndrome where I discuss Keira Knightley’s delusional idea that men need to be put on curfew.

The Feminist Gulag Take-over – Policing Masculinity

Male-only spaces are no longer permitted to exist. Why? By getting in there, Feminists can then claim other men to have been mistreated by Toxic Masculinity (Normal Male behaviour). Then set about “improving” the space and making it more gentile, caring, considerate, and… Feminist controlled.

Why was this even needed? Whatever sales-pitch worked to get them in, they have used until now. But over the last few years, it has become Law, from top to bottom, to bring women into male-spaces and change those spaces to suit the women, with zero consideration for the men there.

In effect, Feminist Dogma has shut-down and now actively Police’s the basic male right, of men to behave like men. And if any of those men fail to behave, then women will now hit them with law-suits for breaking these new Feminist Laws that have been imposed into those spaces, or just get them fired. Most of all, they the use their Female HypoAgency to claim victimisation and target Male Biological Imperative to get heard and then “rescued”, but in reality this is about gaining control in places where they do not belong – men’s spaces. No one questions this.

It makes no sense. There would not be a problem if women were not wasting everyone’s time by being on board oil rigs, or getting on construction sites, and when they are there, serving no real valued purpose other than to impose Feminism into a male-only space.

The Patriarchy is a False Concept Created by Feminism to Target Traditional Family Roles

The Patriarchy is a mythical concept created by the billion dollar industry that is Feminism and has been driven into the teachings of our culture since the 1960s, once they got enough charity money to start pushing the narrative. Which is why no one stops to question it. We all grew up hearing about it, and took it to be truth. But it is a lie and false amplification of a one-sided story, from the ground up. Nothing Feminism claims, is the truth.

But if you bother to question it, you will discover it’s the doctrine of a propaganda driven cult, that has targeted traditional family roles to drive women, who felt powerless, to assume “it is men’s fault” that they feel that way.

Though Erin Pizzey was aware of it being a problem as it got started in becoming a well-funded industry, and her work with early Feminism is insightful into just what went wrong and why. Camille Paglia puts it well too, and a few of her quotes I shared already. Karen Straughan is another woman who sees through the lies of Feminism. There are surprisingly few that will vocally admit to it, because Feminism is also extremely aggressive and will collectively target women that dare to tell the truth.

At some point we are all going to have to wake up to the fact that the so-called Patriarchy, was a mutually designed civilized society set-up, built by men and women together, through choices and mistakes they made together. It was not about the oppression of women at all, it was and is, about setting everyone free, or trying to. The audacity of Feminism to claim otherwise is shameless.

Female HypoAgency permits women to pass the responsibility on, and blame it all on men. But modern society has not been the work of men alone, nor was it made to oppress females. If anything it oppressed men into economic slavery while working in dangerous jobs for his family unit to survive.

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If anyone reading this feels like they have been the victim of Female HypoAgency and the MeToo campaign and targeted unfairly, then I highly recommend contacting James Barnett of Barnett Survivors Limited, based in UK.

He has done work internationally to help victims of false accusations and understands better than anyone, the dynamics at work and the legal issues involved in fighting for justice against the damaged caused by a false accusation. He can be found through any of the links below.

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