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The Experience, A Gentleman’s Guide to Threesomes: Exploring Relationship, Sexual Energy & Western Tantra” – by Mark DK Berry & Jodie Eade


This book is a guide to exploring Tantra with a partner, or in a group setting, and can be read by women or men of any sexual orientation. The name is just a cheeky title we felt would work to encourage men to look a little deeper into the fantasy they think they desire.

In it we explain how to approach communicating about the things we want to experience such as threesomes. We also go into great detail about setting it up, the pitfalls, the problems, and of course the fantastic fun and spiritual experience that can be had when we learn how to communicate and connect using Tantric methods to approach these things.

We wrote this book after taking a break from The Temple Space work, and it contains most of the Tantra knowledge we had up to that point. Since writing the book, it has become clear that “The Experience” itself is actually not just a Tantric orgasmic possibility, but is also similar to something that advanced meditation practitioners have called The 1st Jhana in Buddhism, it is also the same effect as The Kundalini experience.

This book is highly recommended for couples who are wishing to explore the next level of their relationship and sexual journey together, even if they are not interested in threesomes or group experiences.

(Second Edition available early 2021)

AudioBook excerpts From “The Experience” read by Mark:

The audiobook version of “The Experience” is not yet available for release, but the above excerpts are read by Mark from chapters in the available version of the book.