Bullying is just another part of life, men need to be challenged in order to grow.

Bullying is just another part of life, men need to be challenged in order to grow.


Female Nature, is to nurture : The feminine creates, maintains, and repairs social bonds by verbalizing emotions, and through nurturing connections.

Male Nature, is to challenge : The masculine creates, maintains, and repairs social bonds through challenge, body language, journeying, and truth delivered best with humour.

There is of course a shadow side to both these natural things: Females can become over-bearing, and Males can become bullies.

Bullying, is the best challenge a man can get

Something I have noticed more and more in the world at large, on social media, and in therapeutic circles especially, is the idea that bullying needs to be stopped. I disagree completely. I believe a bully is the perfect situation against which a male can learn the art of survival and growth. He will learn to fight his own battles, learn to overcome adversity, and learn one of the most valuable lessons in life for a man, how to handle defeat.

This is of course an extremely simplistic over-view, and whether it applies to women also, I do not feel qualified to say since I am a male not a female.

Men need to be knocked down sometimes

What irks me, and what prompted me to write this post, is seeing women starting to barge into male-only arenas and force their nurturing methods onto the masculine. I recently went out of my way to face-palm a female therapist who tried to do exactly this. She jumped into a dynamic that was escalating between a group of males on social media, and announced she felt it unhealthy to “gang up and bully”.

In theory she was right, except what she completely missed was that the male who was being “ganged-up” on, already had a number of incidents of violence targeted at him in the real world. What the other males had observed, through discussion of some scenarios that he openly shared, was that his own behaviour was in-fact clearly inviting the violence. He felt extremely defensive of his position, of course he would. And so the challenge was on.

It became pretty heated, in as much as it could on social media. What happened next was that some of the males started to rib him mercilessly, while applying liberal doses of humour, in order to let the truth beneath be acknowledged by him. (A woman might see this as bullying, but generally would fail to understand the nuance and mate-ship, the sense of camaraderie, in which it is being done and why men need it banged into them sometimes. This very same dynamic goes on in school yards the world over, every day. It is actually healthy for boys to engage in it, and we need to leave it to work itself through. This is how we learn to claim our own power, and learn our position in ape world.)

Intention makes the difference

The intention is what defines the dividing line between bullying and supporting a male to break down his defenses. Men sometimes need to be broken and when it happens, it is invariably done the hard way. That is because male growth comes from facing challenges, and not from nurturing. Men who learn to face these challenges, know this. Men who don’t, are at risk of becoming emasculated males, still deeply attached to feminine nurturing, which in short means attached to mother. It really is that simple.

The “bullying” in the case I share here was done with humour, with deliberate antagonistic intention certainly, but also with a brutal honesty and a certain amount of bro-care in the way only men can deliver. Why? Because we are men too. We get the journey. Women do not. We have had our fights, our losses, we have all been arrogant dicks at one time or another and had someone, or something, smash our ego so that we could grow out of our behavioural patterns. Men know when another guy is being a dick, even if he does not. We also know what is going on in this dynamic and process, which women only ever likely see as bullying because they cannot grasp the finer nuance and intention behind it, but then why would they, they are nurturers!

Men also know how to laugh at it, in fact laughing is the barometer to gauge where a man is at. Yes, laughing can be an avoidance, but it can also be a sign that a male has grasped his situation properly, and let go of his ego enough to hear what his mates are telling him by ribbing the hell out of his assumed position. Men communicate this, not through verbal emotionalisation as the feminine would, but through body language, physical ruff & tumble, and humorous ribbing. The clue that a man is finding his feet is because he will start showing signs of taking himself a little less seriously.

The Female Therapist Issue

Women, therapist types especially, generally fail to understand the essential aspect of male growth that stems from facing challenges, because it is not in their nature. There is nothing more damaging than a female stepping into a male dynamic, curtailing that masculine lesson being delivered, and by doing so, getting it all very wrong. Nurture then becomes neuter and creates the bed for mummy issues to grow in.

As a result, and with an increase in females taking therapeutic roles in our society, the old-school method of teaching males through challenge, is something that is rapidly disappearing from our male lexicon. Feminine beliefs and solutions are now being enforced upon males instead (Take the recent Gillette Ad as a perfect example of that). And there will be a huge price to pay for this loss of challenge at some point down the road if we fail to understand it now, and reign in the Female Therapists that are driving these solutions.

Let me share an example of this issue. I had a friend in Victoria, Australia who was eventually found dead on a beach after becoming homeless and who failed to find help for his inner masculine plight. His all-female therapist sessions over the past year had ended in him being branded “beyond help” by each and every one of them. He had asked consistently for male help, not female, which made sense especially since his issues stemmed from abuse at the hands of a feminist mother. There seem to be very few male therapists available in Victoria, and clearly none of the female therapists know how to deal with the masculine journey. They got it wrong. In this case, it even indirectly lead to the death of a young man. His death was not even mentioned in the papers, and many people only found out about it months later. That is one example of the male journey and challenges we face. Women involving themselves in this, are failing men, because they do not know what men need and they get it wrong.

Simply put, if you remove bullying rather than face up to the challenge, you remove the opportunity for boys to grow into men. If you apply feminine methods to the male journey, you will create a problem. The male journey is not supposed to be a nurtured and pleasant one, it is supposed to be a bloody challenge! but it needs the right kind of support and only men can provide that to other men. I do not know of another way to become a man. It is a tough journey for a good reason.

Women do not know what men need

Contrary to popular misconception, actually women do not understand what men need. They know nothing about how to approach dealing with masculinity, setting boundaries for males, or challenging them properly. Worse, they now seem to feel entitled to engage in applying their version of manhood to men, and that essentially means applying feminine methods in an attempt to create docile males. This is being disguised as an attempt to try to stop so-called Toxic Masculinity.

What women have failed to grasp, is that they still need Toxic Masculinity. It is what has made the world a safer place for them, much more than it has been for the past few millennia. There is also growing evidence that single-parent families (specifically moms) lead to more issues with young males. Further proof that women do not have the tools to provide a pathway of learning for males. This is OK, its not their fault, it is because boys need the masculine journey delivered by men who understand it. So long as women can accept that and seek the right pathways to get their male wards met, then all will be well. A woman’s challenge in this respect, may be in letting go.

The application of feminine processes onto the male journey, is a dangerous precedent to set. It will lead to the emasculation of males as they fail to meet the challenges that life throws at them, if they fail to be allowed to learn how to deal with those challenges by themselves, early on. This, some say, is a good thing, but that is naive outlook and failure to grasp just how important Alpha male’s are to the survival of the species, even in our relatively safe and sanitized modernity, to assume the world is safe from trouble, is to forget who currently guards the walls.

The Feminine really needs to start to see something here. Women have absolutely no idea how men deal with male competitiveness in the world at large, because she does not have to experience that, so how can she know? Men MUST be allowed to fight our own fights in order to grow from the experiences, in order to become worthy, adult males. Bullying is a perfect example. We have to learn how to cope with being knocked down.

Women do not grow from these kind of challenges, they grow from nurturing and emotional verbalization of their experiences. Men do not do this naturally, we grow from challenge, and it is mostly challenges that we do not want or like, but have to face. Today, many women seem wholly unable to grasp this point. This is becoming a problem.

Ridding the world of Toxic Masculinity will not create a Female Utopia

We need each other. Men need the nurturing support of the feminine, and women need the protection of the healthy, developed masculine.

The assumption that many modern women make, erroneously, is that what works for the feminine, will surely make a better world for the masculine too. This increasingly popular outlook is a big mistake. What works for the feminine will neuter the masculine, remove his ability to fend for himself, and then you risk making him reliant on others. What kind of male protector is that? These are actually the basic building blocks of mummy issues.

But try telling that to a woman intent on addressing so-called Toxic Masculinity in a group of males that are challenging each other. Men challenge each other often in a healthy way, though women very rarely grasp this. Why? Because it is not the way of women.

You are just a typical, macho, patriarchal dickhead !

If you think this is me being macho, or even about male bravado, you have misunderstood my point. If you think I am endorsing bullying you have also misunderstood my point. If you think I am endorsing shaming, you have misunderstood my point. If you think I do not value women in my life and their nurturing ability you have completely misunderstood my point. I understand why you might misunderstand my point, but I recommend you peel those rather obvious layers back, and look again. This knowledge is learned from experience, not theory. Men need challenges to grow, and boys learn by addressing bullying and not by being protected from it.

The purpose of my point here is to help a boy on his journey towards manhood. Being challenged will help him understand the basic Laws of the Universe. How they will challenge him mercilessly on his journey, and those challenges will teach him how to cope when no one will be there to hold his hand. In fact he will be expected to be the one to protect others, and not the other way around.

The value of bullying, the potential use of it, is to equip a male with the skills he needs to address the spiritual questions, to face up to his fears, and to make his choices in life, alone. Ultimately all of us face supreme defeat at the hands of death, no amount of female nurturing will help us avoid that. Death is our greatest challenger, and that is why death is often the best challenge to face in life too, for men. I am sure mum’s would disagree, in fact I expect it of them, because it is not the female journey. But whether they like it or not, this doesn’t change the facts.

As Maximus said in the film Gladiator, “Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.”

Ultimately a male’s purpose here is to protect, to build, to learn, and to further the species, but most of all it will be to sacrifice himself for his tribe and his people in a variety of ways and then eventually die having hopefully passed on some of his wisdom. Most especially, his journey will be to learn about himself. As Socrates said, Know Thyself. To do that, he needs to be challenged enough that he becomes capable of standing on his own two feet and knowing how to deal with anything. Then he will be a man.

This article is really just discussing the beginning of that journey for boys and also for men too, and it highlights the importance of women staying well out of some aspects of the male education. I discuss the more extreme end of this scale, which often results in imprisonable violence, in another thread about shame and why we should approach it as a teacher, and not something to avoid. [The Anatomy of Violence – Part 1]

It is not a woman’s job to turn boys into men

Women need to understand that it is not their job to teach boys how to become men, and it never will be. I don’t expect them to agree with this statement one bit, but that is irrelevant because they will have to accept it regardless, if boys are to become men. This is because women do not know what men need, and that is because nurturing is not what men need to grow and learn, men need to be challenged. Women need to learnt to surrender, let go.

I am not saying women should not step in to break-up fights if they feel they should. I am saying don’t be surprised if you get knocked over when you do. Having said that, I have seen many situations where women diffuse male violence much better than any male could. This is not in question, the power of the matriarch is a wonderful thing but she needs to know where her power helps, and where it hinders.


Trans folk are just willing lab rats for Big Pharma

Trans folk are just willing lab rats for Big Pharma


Big Pharma seems to be the main sponsors for all the scientific research looking for proof that Transgender is a genetic reality. Why? To make life long customers, of course. Worse, they are clearly testing HRT on vulnerable people in order to find the solution they are looking for. This is tantamount to using Trans folk as lab rats. Trans are willing because they are already in a crisis of identity. Children are willing, because they have not yet developed biologically, or developed a sense of identity. Both these vulnerable groups are being targeted and used right this moment by Big Pharma to develop a customer market.

Think you need to change my mind? Engage me via the comments. I am more than open to change any part of this document on the production of evidence to disprove something I have said here. I encourage it, because I am far from OK with what I have discovered so far.

Is Big Pharma driving the Transgender phenomena?

One of the first articles a supporter of the Trans movement sent me literally made my hair stand on end. [This Scientific study is being funded right now and is far from the only one of its kind](https://eje.bioscientifica.com/view/journals/eje/155/suppl_1/1550131.xml)

It was clear from what I read in it, that there are currently funded experiments going on in Europe where they are applying HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to children under the guise that catching the issue early with HRT may help stabilise the individual seeking to change gender.

Have a look at the comment at the bottom of the study, it says:

 “Acknowledgements The authors are very grateful to Ferring Pharmaceuticals for the financial support of studies on the treatment of adolescents with gender identity disorders.”

This is Big Pharma involvement, and it is behind the funding of most studies into this at the moment. A huge conflict of interest, and in my opinion a crime equal in nefarious purpose to Hitlers genetic experiments of the 1940s. I am not joking. Consider the implications of why this is being funded, why Big Pharma are interested, and why they are targeting children with test hormone drugs to solve the equations.

Sadly Trans gender are all too willing to take the HRT fix, while avoiding ever considering the real possibility that it will not fix anything. Most Trans just assume it is a matter of time before science catches up with their truth. The real risk is that Big Pharma are actively using very powerful drug experiments in order to actually *create* the proof, that so far no scientific project has been able to find. It may not exist, but if they can create it, they will. Genes and Hormones are the creation vessels.

They can of course fund it until they succeed in creating as many customers as they need, not until they find the truth. The more they create a narrative that it may be true, the more customers they create. So long as they can declare it *might* be found in the next genome they look at, or the next hormone treatment that they test, then there is hope for the delusional to believe in. Justification to take the next batch of HRT medicine and to genetically modify humans until they hit the pay-dirt is not fixing a problem, it is creating one.

This is not being funded to help Trans folk, this is being funded to create customers. The fact they are targeting pre-pubescent children is disturbing beyond belief. How is that even legal?

Does HRT work? Why don’t you ask Big Pharma.

HRT has many risks and side effects. It is hotly debated still and there will be no easy answer because of the same reasons specified previously, Big Pharma fund the studies, and this means conflict of interest. What is clear is that there *are* dangers in taking HRT and most of them are not yet known. It has failed to work for many women hitting menopause even though it has worked for some, it has not been a long term solution, even if it has created a great customer base. This is selling drugs to people who do not want to die or suffer. How many of those are there?

The various problems facing women trying to control their hormones during menopause using HRT but running into problems then begs the question, why would it work better for biologically male or female born Trans, trying to force themselves into the *opposite* gender?

Without years of tests how can we know, but the willing lab rats are available, and extremely eager.

Experiments where willing Trans will sacrifice themselves to Big Pharma in order to find a way to achieve what they both want, is now underway and probably has been for years. The potential repercussions of this level of experimentation are dark to say the least. Especially since HRT is being applied to kids who still have not matured in their body functions and mental or emotional development anyway! This alone is madness and in my opinion should be illegal.

Supporters of Trans want to find confirmation in biology far too desperately.

There is an obvious conflict of interest here with Big Pharma, but it is made far worse if the scientists themselves doing the studies are looking for gold based on their desire to find it, rather than any real sign that it is there. So far this seems to be the case from all the papers I have been given to look at on the subject. The studies just seem to come to failed conclusions every time, but then conveniently fractalize to create deeper rabbit holes to go looking in, the end result always the same response:

*“We did not find it here, but we are hopeful it will be over there.”*

This is a recurring commentary in the science papers. It is enough to keep Trans supporters sold on the hope, and thereby enough to keep the studies funded. Potential Customers is driving this, nothing else is driving this, I do not believe *the truth* is out there to be found.

My conclusion remains as it was: Transgender is a psychological *self-acceptance* issue, and not a scientific or biological one.

Sadly, shockingly, worryingly, Big Pharma are seeking ways to literally *create* the reality that does not currently exist, and they are doing this by applying new designs of HRT in test environments to ever younger human guinea pigs and willingly funding any Scientists eager to go looking for clues in genes to support their drug sales. Whatever they find will help Big Pharma mutate people further.

Supporting experiments like the one in the previously linked study, is clearly a basic abuse of vulnerable humans and worse, the abuse of children.

Am I bias? Yes. Absolutely.

I do remain bias at this point, completely and I admit it outright. Because so far everything I have looked at has failed to prove anything. I believe that is because Occam’s Razor answers most of the questions around Transgender issues, much as they hate to hear it but I think the issue is one of boundaries not biology. (Occam’s Razor states that: *the simplest answer is usually the right one*).

Am I a Transphobe? Don’t be ridiculous. I am eager to see people happy. What I am concerned about is that vulnerable groups are being conned by one of the biggest threats to humanity we have ever seen, Big Pharma.

What is the issue that drives Trans to want to change?

The Transgender issue is fundamentally about *the failure to accept yourself for what you are*. It is a *self-acceptance* issue and no different really to the same issue that plagues many people in society, not just Trans folk. The answer is not going to be found in drugs, and it really bothers me the ease with which Trans supporters encourage this approach as some kind of solution. It isn’t a solution. It is butchering and suppressing of the bodies natural resources, in order to fix a crisis of an existential kind. What should be considered, is why the person is in *identity crisis*, and how to help them find peace in their *sense of self*, not *change* the self to fit the problem.

I agree that personal choice should be allowed in this, if a Trans wants to transition I am fine with that in theory, even if I do not believe it will bring them resolve to the initial problem, but what I am concerned by, is other people’s boundaries being crossed in the meantime. Especially concerned where it is being driven to impact children, and their perception of themselves before it has formed naturally anyway. It is time to draw some obvious boundary lines that clearly are being ignored.

The issue for someone suffering identity crisis is, in this case, amplified by the fact gender plays such an important pivotal platform from which we all begin to understand who we are, or rather accept that *belief* in ourselves as factual. Cultural implications are real and our culture needs to become more accepting, maybe. I agree with this up to a point, but I am concerned that the *“special treatment”* being expected by Trans, is actually part of the initial issue of attention seeking behaviour that is driving the identity crisis in the first place.

What I do not agree with, is that others have to accept someone for what they are *not*. I also very adamantly do not agree with HRT and surgery as a solution because too many conflicts of interest are currently involved in the absence of understanding of the real root cause of the crisis.

Currently, there is ZERO proof it is biological and every likelihood that it is psychological. Why is HRT and the surgical knife being used in that situation where there is a total absence of certainty? Because business needs, meet identity crisis, its a beautiful and dysfunctional marriage of mutilation. That is not a solution, its a disaster.

If we do not feel certain in our gender, how can we feel certain of anything?

Of course this is a big issue but why is drugs the immediate response as a solution? To my mind this is creating the problem, not fixing it. I know of way too many parents who have encouraged their pre-pubescent children to take HRT to change gender. This should be illegal, not encouraged. Trans supporters constantly spout how much better Trans folk feel after the op. I have yet to see proof of this. I see only famous people getting the attention they have desperately craved, and briefly they seem content. While they get attention they are happy in their new form. Once the initial *wow* wears off, they disappear into the relative obscurity from whence they came, and are they still happy then? If HRT and the op is fixing issues, how come the Trans suicide rate is still so high?

Trans supporters are too desperate to believe in HRT therapy and the knife. Why on earth are they ok with administering powerful drugs and surgical operations? I can think of no more stupid answer to misery.

High suicide rates amongst Trans, but is applying powerful hormone impacting drugs a solution or a clue to something more sinister at work?

Trans supporters rightly point out that 40% of them face suicide risk and that is real. But in absence of understanding, why is physical mutilation and HRT reliance for life, being touted as a solution? Big Pharma is an obvious culprit to encouraging this method.

It is my concern that Trans suffering identity crisis will grab at anything that offers change. How convenient for GP’s, Doctors, Big Pharma, Scientists wanting funding for their studies, and anyone with a monetary or emotional vested interested in Transgenderism, is going to be right behind it. It’s a trap.

Post-op Transgenders are not going to be better accepted into the community unless the community starts to fill up with post-op Transgenders. Again, how convenient for Big Pharma if this started happening, and how deluded of Trans folk to think this will lead to them having better lives, but then Trans folk are not the best people to really on for having a solid sense of self in the first place. If the future is Trans, then the future is going to be a very confused place.


What if Transgenderism is not a biological issue, and actually *is* simply Identity Crisis with various psychological and environment factors exacerbating a failed sense of identity?

By Christ, don’t you dare suggest the obvious, that is now considered Transphobia!

Transgenderism is indicative of a failed underlying *sense of self* , but the problem becomes exacerbated in extreme, because HRT experiments are changing the very biological nature of people. Genetic experiments, even more so. This is Big Pharma looking for a way to *create* what Trans folk want to buy, all too desperately.

Is this wrong? Not of itself, people should have the right to do what they want within reason. But when it is being applied to kids by Big Pharma in experiments as already shared in the links above, or by confused Parents who do not know how to set boundaries properly, then yes it is a problem and becomes one that needs to be looked at more honestly and properly.

Should we refuse HRT and surgery for Trans folk? And legally stop Big Pharma continuing tests, assuming it is even possible to do so.

My agenda here is not to suggest Trans need to accept the gender they are born into. Far from it. But since looking into the Scientific studies going on, I am now particularly concerned what is driving the HRT and Surgical solutions, and why they are being presented as any kind of solution to the alleged problem.

I am much more concerned about the ways I see this will be deliberately encouraged to spill into our culture and start impacting non-Trans people who then get impacted by HRT that they are unwittingly receiving for other ailments.

I firmly believe it is Big Pharma taking advantage of *Social Justice* mindsets to push a narrative that then endorses them funding the search for the *chemical gold* that will create gender change, and which will actually then have been *created*, and not found. They *are* looking, and they *are* testing HRT drugs on worryingly willing, and worryingly young human Trans lab rats.

The potential to then effect people who do not have Transgender issues, and sell them on the idea that they *do*, becomes an obvious pitch easily presented using HRT under the guise of a fix for any *emotional issue* when you next visit your GP. This is not a far fetched idea because it is already happening around the globe in other areas. *Drugs are not the solution. Drugs make customers.*

If Big Pharma can somehow find a way to create Transgender issues in anyone suffering *lack of self-certainty*, and they find a way to do so just by applying the Hormone treatments that work best in their studies, then they will immediately be onto a self-perpetuating life-time subscription from all the people they can hook in. This wont just effect Trans folk, this will start to be used to change everyone stupid enough to take the prescription being pushed by their GP. You will go to the Doctor for a cough remedy, get some new drug and a few months later start thinking you are female because HRT was in it and that effected your hormones. This is not some sci-fi possibility, this I firmly believe is the end game of Big Pharma conducting these tests currently.

In Conclusion

I am shocked to be finding this out, as I had hoped to find scientific proof of something that would make me more supportive of Trans issues, and not discover a world akin to the Nazi genetic experiments of the 1940s being led by Big Pharma, but that is what I found. What shocks me is that no one seems to have noticed, least of all the Trans folk who are lapping it all up like good pets, without thinking about who is feeding them at all.

The conflict of interest here is obvious. What is not so obvious is a real solution for people with Identity Crisis. Either for Trans to find self-acceptance in whatever way they might, or for Big Pharma & Scientists to be trusted not to come to the wrong conclusions for reasons of profiteering and their own survival and ambitions. This is the stuff of Frankenstein stories.

There is a very real danger that through Hormone testing they will actually manage to invent the problem, and that they can then push that problem onto unsuspecting people via local GPs, sold as an HRT solution for any *sense of self* ailment. This then leads to a deliberately created sense of gender confusion, actual bodily changes from the HRT will occur, and from that a life-long reliance on medicines conveniently provided by the Big Pharma.

Those companies that are sponsoring todays studies seem to be doing exactly this. They are actively searching for the way to create *chemical gold* that will change hormones and change gender. The connection here is obvious and really quite scary, and worse, Trans folk are the perfect willing lab rats to test it on.

My hunch all along has been that the Trans issues is not a genetic issue, or a biological one in most cases, but rather simply a psychological issue due to Modernity and the various crisis it has enabled in its members as we struggle to find our sense of place in a fast changing world. I believe all the tech and drug advances will only serve to distort the lens through which we look, and eventually lead to something akin to abuse of the public by Big Pharma, using powerful hormone changing drugs to force sex changes in the young who dont even need it, and thereby encourage Transgenderism further in people that might not have felt it before, due to them starting a course of HRT that was actually in their cough medicine bu they were not told.

Real solutions for Trans folk

History is littered with people who spent most of their life confused and looking for an answer to the time honoured question most humans have been baffled by at one time or another: “Who am I?”. Trans genders are not unique in this though they think they are. What *is* unique is that they are a suffering under a crisis of gender different to their biological traits. But is this really more important than any life issue? Really? I don’t believe it, and to date there is still zero proof other than the suicide rate is high, but the suicide rate is high in a lot of other areas too. This is not to demean Trans folk, so much as to suggest that life is hard all round, so why is this one group of people so desperate to receive special treatment and so willing to go to extreme lengths to get attention in the way they feel they need it?

This Trans issue escalates further with the phenomena of “Otherkin” which I will not go into here, but suffice to say no doubt Big Pharma will next be funding Otherkin human lab rats to try drugs that help them grow fur, fins, rabbit ears, buck teeth and whatever. I have little doubt with todays powerful sciences in genetics and hormone drugs, that they will achieve it.

I really am of the belief that the Trans issue is actually no different to someone being in a job they hate, or living in a country they hate, or not fitting into a situation they hate. Yes there may be a way to leave those things, and it often takes a lot of work to achieve it. A lot of growing up too.
You leave and you go and find a job more fitting to your nature, a country more accepting of *you* and your quirks, or a situation where you are no longer chastised by some group. This is something many non-Trans have suffered too, they are not unique in this.
Maybe those external things *were* the problem to some extent, but often time reality is that the problem lies *within* the person and their young and restless view of the world. The problem is not the world, or their physical body, but their viewpoint and maturity to handle hardship.

How many times have you thrown a fit as a child because you did not want to do something? As you mature you become more accepting that sometimes the world does not pander to you, it hurts but you have to accept it in some areas. You also become better adept at choosing the environments that suit you, you look for places the natural you belongs and fits in. You do not take heavy medication and change yourself then demand the world at large perceive you by the false impression you have then created. Why should it? But currently all Trans folk do think like that. They think they need special treatment. And yet I think therein lies the clue to the real issue. The problem is exacerbated because the grass appears greener in the opposite gender. When was it ever greener when you got there? Ever?

I do not believe the problem really is the gender, I believe still that the problem is within the view of the person and more psychological failure to fit in and gender just becomes the excuse. The elixir that is so hard to get. But it is snake oil, it is not the solution.

The argument that my view is binary also makes no sense. No one is more binary than a Trans person insisting they need to be a certain Gender. That is as binary as it gets.

Consider my situation. I am what I am, but I am not trying to force my way into being one gender or the other. I feel feminine at times, I engage that femininity during sex at times and have played with that to see where it goes. I do not feel troubled by this at all, in fact I like it, yet I am also powerfully driven by my masculine desires. I have entertained gay experiences, it didn’t not impact my sense of self. My sense of self, and my gender are not entwined. This is why I am suspicious of the Trans argument that they need to change gender, and why I suspect that not long after they do, they want to change back, but left with no other genders to try, what will they do next to satisfy that urge they engaged in before? Otherkin?

I think the Trans problem is real, I just do not believe the solution they are receiving is a good one.This is also what makes me so certain of the solution NOT being HRT or the knife. Because the reason someone is not happy in their being, is not because their body is not right, but because their view of themselves is distorted, distressed, or confused. This is a *self acceptance* issue and nothing has yet made me change my mind. I am willing to change view, but not without evidence.

And yes, I have known many Trans and my first exposure to one was at 8 years old. He later transitioned and she was as confused a person then, as he was before. More so, in fact. I found him scary afterwards, where before he was calmer as he had hope in the op.

I have also lived with people who constantly changed their sense of gender, dressed as women but were biologically male. I found them consistently confusing and deliberately so at times. Often becoming violent, and it always seemed to me that their sense of needing “special treatment” was more an excuse to seek attention, than really about being met at some level. Drag Queens by definition are massive attention seekers, it goes with the territory and to date all the Trans I have met are much the same. I am open to discover otherwise but so far, have not.

In order to reach the kind of *self-acceptance* that enables us to function without need for self-mutilation or drug abuse, requires something other than HRT and the surgical knife to achieve it. I still have NO doubt that the answer does not lie in drugs, however much anyone does not want to hear that. I am open to being proved wrong, but forgive me if I doubt the findings of Big Pharma when they appear for the reasons I have already shared in detail above.

Meantime simply ignoring the conflict of interests presented by so many aspects of this from Big Pharma’s involvement, Scientists bias desire for funds and to find the *gold*, and the Social Justice Warriors total failure to join the dots in these areas, is tantamount to ignoring a time-bomb that our children will fall victim to, more than us.

A crime is being committed here and Trans folk are just the most willing lab rats to enter into it’s perpetration.

The world *is* becoming more Trans accepting, but for all the wrong reasons. Big Pharma would love nothing more than everyone to be Trans and hooked on their HRT supplies. Don’t do it to yourself, but especially do not do it to kids. Why can this not wait until more is understood? That is my recommendation at this point. Figure out the real reason this is happening before drugging yourself and cutting bits off with a knife. At this point it should be about setting boundaries, until more can be understood.

Big Pharma intentions are not altruistic ones, they are business ones. Big Pharma fund all the studies. Join the dots and dont be a mug, and certainly dont expect me to agree to nonsense just because it impacts your feelz, nothing will impact your feelz more than HRT and the surgical knife! I don’t buy it.

Better instilled boundaries may be the answer

Much as no one likes to hear it, but my belief is that setting boundaries is exactly what would support resolving the issue for any individual. When animals or humans have too many options and no clear boundaries, they become distressed. This method has fallen out of favour in recent generations, but draconian measures kept society functioning through the hardest of times, and nothing has changed in that respect except that times have become all round easier. Therein lies the clue.

I do not mean bully Trans, I mean set boundaries and stick to them. Explaining this properly would take a book in itself. Misunderstanding my point is an easy cop out, and I will no doubt be accused of dictatorial oppression for suggesting it but nothing else makes sense at this point. HRT and the knife certainly do not.

Trans folk do not have a monopoly on the experience of struggle, or on suffering in life. Regardless of your gender, life can be really tough, handing it mostly comes down to how you *learn* to handle it. Switching gender does not get rid of your troubles. Taking drugs should only be for  extreme cases and emergencies. Much as no Trans supporter is ever going to agree to this, but boundaries being powerfully instilled have solved most issues of self acceptance throughout history.

It doesn’t matter if you think you are a man, a woman, neither, both or whether you think you are a cat or a fire engine, it is how you *function* in society that helps you *survive* in society. HRT and the surgical knife have confused the issue by offering a false solution, a Utopia that is a one way bargain, and a huge lie. You do not become female, you become a Trans post-op. Big Pharma have not missed the opportunity to cash in on that confusion and try to make it a reality, not to help, but to create customers. Really.

The inevitable dystopian future

The future may be Trans because Big Pharma want the customers, and it is finding out how it can further create the customers. A future where the majority of people are Trans and on HRT is a future of death and misery, a false happiness, a lie and a drug enduced delusion. 40% suicide rates will be nothing to what a Hormone dependant, drug-addled culture ends up creating, while it lies desperately about what is really going on inside each individual.

All of this could be prevented, if we learnt to set better boundaries and stick to them. I don’t anticipate that happening, but I have to try to point out the grave error being engaged in by allowing Big Pharma to lead the way and supporting Trans to become nothing more than naive lab rats.

HRT and the surgical knife may eventually create the most beautiful Frankensteins monster, but that mutilated human will still be miserable and incapable of dealing with life.