“Stuff” that rules your life – how we became minimalists by default

Minimalism  – its all over you tube, face book groups,Instagram and pinterest. Getting rid of, letting go, etc etc. The concept is brilliant and yet its more than just throwing out those t shirts you don’t wear and decluttering a drawer every so often. For us it has become a way of life by default. We didn’t sit down and consciously decided to become minimalists. It just sort of happened.

We started travelling. “Stuff” was in storage in two different cities and then we came back to Australia and what to do with all that “stuff”. Well we couldn’t take it to where we were going to live and besides, we were only home to earn some more money so that we could leave the country again, so it wasn’t really worth getting it all out.  Continue reading

A 3 Law Approach to Understanding Human Behaviour & Conduct

A 3 Law Approach to Understanding Human Behaviour & Conduct

1. Human Law

Human Law is basically built from two things: Moral Code and the collective cultural beliefs of the era that you find yourself in.

We use Human Law all the time to try to understand our position in the Universe and figure out how we should behave in it. But what happens when we land outside of Human Law, how do we cope? Then we need to look at Natures Law but first let us understand Human Law in the context we mean to discuss it here.

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