No Time To Cry, Mr Bond

No Time To Cry, Mr Bond

When Babs Broccoli announced that “Bond would never be played by a woman”, she was either lying, or had not weighed up the weight of change that would come with the Feminist take-over of Hollowood. For this Bond release, the gun came pre-loaded and like an Alec Baldwin armorer – all the wrong people got shot.

I guess Babs was also up against the new wave of Politically Correct young directors, cast, and fat-cat money driving the production machinery these days. All of which seem to be currently running Woketopian agendas of the exact same flavour we see creeping into “No Time To Die”.

It’s clearly a precursor to a Feminist take-over. Aligning the black female 007 along side our – soon to be retired – hero was the segue to get us used to the idea that – “this is what’s coming next”. I was amazed we didn’t see a Trans in there somewhere. But it’s the wrong move. This is how you emasculate Bond into something boring.

Maybe that is the intention, but you can’t get rid of the quintessential essence of Bond. It’s an error of judgement to try. And the Franchise is likely dead, if it goes down that road. Why? It’s a simple equation to understand – women can’t do men, better than men. They think they can, but they can’t. We already have the proof of this: Ghostbusters, Ocean’s Eight, most Brie Larson movies, and now this most recent Bond travesty is just another turd to add to that pile of shit movies. It wasn’t totally ruined, but the poison was injected into the vein like Heracles gene-editing toxin.

The 00 women did not add anything, they just diluted the essential Bond energy and sent it off down a road of emasculation. It was not empowering, brave, stunning, or strong, and neither was it a new message that they tried to shove down our throats. Ironically, Feminist Agenda is now the Woolly Mammoth in the room, not Toxic Masculinity.

What that film needed was more Toxic Masculinity to stop it from killing the viewer with boredom. It could be done better than the original Bonds, sure, but you don’t have to gay it up. Maybe there were not many dry eyes in the house with all that lathered on emotional jibber, but I expect there were a lot of dry vaginas. I know mine was.

What’s wrong with “No Time to Die”:

Bond chose love.
Bond had a baby.
Bond took “no” for an answer off a woman with her sexual weaponry set to “stun”.
Bond was replaced by a Politically Correct lesbian black woman (who was about as convincingly dangerous as Brie Larson).
Bond fell to his knees and begged for forgiveness (so what if he was faking it? That’s what women do, it was pathetic, der!).
Bond told a woman she completed him (fuck off, his dysfunction makes him immune to that shit. That’s his job; he’s an able killer of men, women, and children because that’s how you save the world, ffs).
Bond accepted his emasculation like a gender confused teenager at a cosmetics party.
The theme tune was a badly rehashed version of “The writing’s on the wall” from Spectre (A fantastic Bond movie!).
An ass-aching 2.5 hours could have been 1.5 if they had only removed the 00 women and their dire attempts to “do men better”.
If they had removed the 00 women it might have been an okay film.
Jumping between “here’s the amazing new 00 women doing men stuff” and familiar Bond, was cheap messaging and jarring, not evolved or fun.
Removing the essential dysfunctional male “Bond” from the movie made it an obvious attempt to push Feminist agenda and to be safely Politically Correct, who the fuck wants that of Bond?

What’s right with “No Time to Die”:

The first bit, right up to “Five Years Later…”.
Bond got killed (that imposter needed killing before he claimed gender dyspepsia).
This had to happen eventually (Feminists will not be happy until they have taken over all men’s spaces).
Thank god it is finally over, we can now get back to men being men (but without Bond, who will be left on that emasculated island he just died on).
Provides further proof that women cannot understand quintessential Bond, let alone replace him.
The bits where he was alone, dangerous, and violent, but only because he was essentially a good guy, of course.

Why don’t Feminists understand Bond?

It’s a big question, but also covers why they don’t understand what “being a man” is all about (mind you, nor do a lot of men). If Hollowood is a litmus test for exactly what women are trying to achieve by taking over men’s spaces, then it would seem that women are not looking for acknowledgement or equality, they want to be men.

They are jealous of Bond, it is why they are coming for him. Better would be to do their own killer “the female way”. Feminists need to finally understand that there are many things that only men can do convincingly. Bond is one of them. He’s the only man for that job. Women, can’t cut it without becoming a man, and who the fuck wants that?

Bond defines precisely the part of the masculine that women cannot grasp, or invade, however hard they might try, they will always fail dismally. No Time To Die, failed dismally. Which leaves Feminism with no choice but to kill him off and replace him. But it won’t be Bond, it will be something a lot more boring instead.

Is Bond Toxic Masculinity & A Dinosaur?

Abso-fucking-lutely, yes! We exist. We are not going extinct either, because actually you need us. And as much as that upsets the average Feminist, they have to accept it was their Grand-daddy that shot people dead on their behalf just so they could be here today.

And who will fight on the borders tomorrow to keep them safe? Ana de Armas? No she fucking won’t, she can’t fight for shit, she’s a bimbo (with an admittedly great looking rack). Nor will the necessary killing be done by a bland, sexless lesbian black woman, with a back-side too large to be running around in combat gear convincingly while killing trained male soldiers (I’m not lying, you know it’s true).

Dangerous masculine men know all this, even if Feminist’s – and seemingly now Babs Broccoli – do not. Honestly, it’s fucking laughable that they tried to punt that script as a Bond. It’s also painfully embarrassing. That was not James Bond, it was Disney Bond.

For decades we have been hearing how, “men don’t understand women”, but the truth is that most women don’t understand men either. Women cannot do men, better than men. Fact.

They have not lined up a new Bond here, they have lined up the next Brie Larson damp flangery. Thus proving to the world, what the rest of us knew already, that women can’t do men.

Bond is now dead to me. But his essence will return in some form, somewhere, eventually. Sure, you can kill us off and replace us with emasculated, sexless lesbians that can’t fight for shit, but eventually you’ll go extinct if you do.

So Feminism finally invaded the last bastion of sacred dysfunctional masculinity, but all they achieved was 00 women doing Disney, and that’s how it will be moving forward. Bravo.

Bond is Dead. Long live Bond!

The Male Biological Imperative

The Male Biological Imperative

Man shielding a woman he did not know during the Las Vegas shooting (Click on image for more info)


The Male Biological Imperative and Female HypoAgency are two forces that work together and need to be understood for men and women to progress with integrity. I will deal with The Male Biological Imperative in this article and Female HypoAgency in another, but will mention both in each.

[This was first published in 2019 as part of a larger article, but has been adapted here for brevity and clarity]

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Entitled Princess Syndrome

Entitled Princess Syndrome

A recent interview with Keira Knightley got my attention. It can be read here, but I will share the relevant points below, here’s the quote.

“In the age of #MeToo, actress Keira Knightley says that she does not know anyone (woman) who hasn’t been harassed at some point. The interview took place while wandering the streets of North London. During the interview, journalist Lydia Slater notes, a lone male stranger allegedly approached Knightley and shouted at her,
“Do you go to this school? You look very young!”
“Thank you,” replied Knightley as she and Slater sought “sanctuary in a nearby garden square” where the man proceeded to follow them.”

On first read this seems perfectly understandable. But lets consider a few things.

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The Currency Of “Attention”

The Currency Of “Attention”

Her body, Her choice“, and Fuck you!

The ever-more-obvious vagina-and-ass-hugging design is putting virtually-naked women in the public domain without any consideration for the effect on others.

We are told – “Her body, her choice” – but this is an incredibly self-centered and entitled approach to take. These outfits are designed to grab men’s attention, but not for the reason we assume.

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“Where do I go to meet a woman I want to have a long term relationship with? I’ve mostly been in and out of bars just trying to get laid.”

“Where do I go to meet a woman I want to have a long term relationship with? I’ve mostly been in and out of bars just trying to get laid.”

Ah yea, I love this question… been dying to see someone post it on a forum and I finally got the chance to answer it yesterday, so thought I would share it in a blog post on here.

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Audiobook Excerpts from “The Experience” by Mark DK Berry & Jodie Eade

AudioBook Excerpts

“The Experience, A Gentleman’s Guide to Threesomes: Exploring Relationship, Sexual Energy & Western Tantra” by Mark Berry & Jodie Eade

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