Online Security And The Coming Storm (eBook – Computer Educational)

Online Security And The Coming Storm.
Instructions and How To’s for protecting you and your family online. (eBook – Computer Educational)

Product Description

Quantum Computing is going to harness an immense power. No password will be secure when it arrives, most will be cracked in seconds. In Part One this book explains the problems we face with online security as it is, while Part Two takes you step-by-step through simple but valued methods to setup your online world in the safest way possible. There is a guide to tune LastPass, as well as setup KeePass for the self-managed storage of sensitive digital data while using Veracrypt with Dropbox to add extra layers of security. Step-by-step explanations for how to use a Yubikey to double the protection of entry points. The end result will provide you with a simple but complete solution for all your family’s personal online security & password needs, as well as show you how to leave your password legacy and secure data to your trusted delegates. Act now to be prepared against the storm that is coming.

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