How long until I can meditate like a Buddha?

Probably within another 3000 lifetimes, but more seriously, learning meditation should be considered a lifestyle choice and not just a 15 minute practice you do once a week. Unfortunately, if you can only do 15 minutes a week you will probably only ever achieve relaxation, not meditation. Maybe that is enough for you, but if you want to learn it properly then think of it as like trying to become a Doctor (in the case of meditation you will be studying the Science of Mind and Attention). So first, you must go to school to learn the basics, you probably already did that, but now you decide you want to specialise and become a Doctor, so you go to college. It takes about 7 years of some pretty serious study to get the label Doctor, but even then you can’t actually practice as a Doctor yet, you have to go and do more training in a hospital under an actual Doctor for a few years before anyone would really think of you as a Doctor. To truly become good at meditation requires as much practice and study as it does to become a Doctor. You are trying to wrestle control of the Mind, which is a huge challenge and takes just as much perseverance, study, and diligent effort to achieve as becoming a skilled Doctor. Even after 10 years of regular focus and practice you probably still wont meditate like a Buddha, but you will be an okay meditator, and you will be good enough to explain the basics to someone else and help them take the journey to learn it properly. How long for you to become a Master meditator? who knows really, the journey to expand perception is never ending and there is no measuring stick.

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