How long will it take me to learn the basics of meditation?

You can learn The Gentle Resonance Meditation Method in less than one hour. (Free to learn via podcast if you join our mailing list – click here to subscribe). If you practice this method at every opportunity and integrate it into your day, then you will find you are meditating with ease pretty quickly. But that is by using supportive methods that The Gentle Resonance is deliberately designed around in order to speed up the process. It is like taking a fast-track course, you will get certificated quickly, but you won’t really have a full grasp of the skill. Only time and daily practice can create the kind of deeply grounded core sense of stillness and knowing that long-term meditation practice will create. So, you can definitely experience what meditation can do within 1 hour by using The Gentle Resonance Method, but to feel the real benefits of meditation on your life, it will require daily practice for a number of years, and then you will start to notice subtle changes in your thinking patterns and behaviour that are improvements on how you used to be and think. This requires daily practice, and The Gentle Resonance Method is designed so that you can do it while you are doing other boring chores that don’t require too much concentration, you can even do it while driving. But the deeper knowledge and power of meditation takes years to attain, and this is why we suggest you approach meditation as a lifestyle choice and not just something you try to schedule into your day occasionally. If you really want to learn meditation fast, then the best way is to go to a 10 day immersive Vipassana retreat. You will have all you need by the end of it, and I highly recommend you do that if you can anyway, they have centres all over the world. It will still take 10 years of regular practice to become good and see real benefits in your life from meditation. It is a slow journey, not a fast one, and should be approached as such. Meditation gently tunes The Mind & thinking processes, and that is not something that should be rushed, so it is right that it takes many years. Learn it in 1 hour, but be prepared to practice it every day for the rest of your life.

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