What are your Meditation credentials?

Mark: “I spent 15 years learning martial arts at tournament level, learning about chi in the energy body, and trying to silence my thoughts using a variety of methods. I practiced most days. In 2007 I did my first 10 day Vipassana retreat (S.N.Goenke) and since then have done over 15 retreats including working at a retreat centre for a few weeks. In 2010 I took my first long-term meditation retreat and spent 3 months meditating all day, every day, and doing nothing else. I spent the entire time doing the Anapana method and at the end of it used a Vajrayana Meditation Technique by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to undo the nature of existence. It blew my mind, and I had to stop meditating for about 6 months. After things settled, I did another Vipassana retreat but something had shifted. I needed a method that I could live by, outside of retreat settings. From all my learnings I devised The Gentle Resonance Meditation Method (Join the mailing list and get free access to the Podcast instructions) which I started to teach and adapt to the point that it is now. In 2013 Jodie joined me in setting up The Temple Space. We both had extensive knowledge of Tantra and we started running workshops in both meditation and Tantra, among other things (I will talk about the Tantra journey in another FAQ). I have since spent 2 years working on Shri Yantra meditation, a further 2 years meditating on The Mahavidya (10 Wisdom Goddesses). Today, I am currently focused on going deeper with The 8 Jhanas, as taught by Ayya Khema and Leigh Brasington. I try to do 3 hours of Anapana meditation per day (or the Gentle Resonance if I can’t focus), as I find that is the tipping point to combat the effects of living in modernity.

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