What is Tantra?

We consider Tantra to be divided into two fields: Western Tantra and Eastern Tantra.
Eastern Tantra deals with the spiritual aspect of Tantra as a lifestyle and requires a lifetime of study.
While Western Tantra is imported from Eastern Tantra, but is about the sensual experiences that can be had through genuine Tantric practices.
Western Tantra can be learnt in workshops – such as the ones we run – that teach about energy, and ways to relate and connect with ourselves, as well as with others, but connecting from the Heart centre and not the Sacral sex centre. It makes connecting a much more pleasant and fulfilling experience, no one feels pressured, and it is the best way to start to learn what Tantra is all about. The secret to Western Tantra is found in the subtle energy observed in the space between two people when there is no agenda, projection, or falsity.
There is a detailed article about Tantra, and how we approach it at The Temple Space in our blog section and you can read it here – What is Tantra?