What is the point of meditation?

Our Mind never stops thinking. We have been training it to think for all our lives. It is very good at analysing, and judging, and talking to itself. Our Mind spends all day telling us what it thinks it is seeing and what it thinks is going on. This is very useful, but this also causes a problem – the Mind is actually quite limited in its abilities, and it just wont shut-up even when it does not know what it is talking about, or worse, when it is depressed. When you learn meditation properly, you will be able to get your Mind to focus on a single point, and it will then become quiet enough to let your attention expand and take things in slightly differently when you do. Nothing really changes, and the Mind never really stops, but it is a bit like training a bad dog to sit in the corner and behave itself instead of claiming all of your attention by barking. It still whines a bit and stares at you eagerly waiting for you to engage it again, but it has finally learnt to allow you the space to focus your energy on the rest of the world, and without it’s constant yapping distracting you. That is just the beginning, once you master the art of focusing your Mind onto a single point then you can begin to explore places that I cannot explain here because your Mind will be sat in the corner behaving itself and wont be invited, so it cannot really grasp what I would be saying. Don’t worry, you won’t go mad meditating, but you will expand your potential horizons and get to leave the house if you want to. Simply put, would you prefer a dog that yaps constantly and wont let you leave the house? or an obedient dog that behaves itself but still does all that you ask of it? To achieve this kind of freedom, your Mind, and your dog, both require training, patience, love, care, and lots of hard work, but there are rewards in the end that we can only imagine until the moment we achieve them. Meditation is the start of a journey towards a greater awareness than the Mind alone can perceive. How? Because the mind is a limited machine that can only perceive in a limited way, but you are more than just your Mind, or could be, if you could get it to stop yapping for a minute.

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