About The Temple Space

What we offer

We offer two paths of knowledge: Meditation & Tantra. We currently run workshops and personal sessions in both these arts.

Our focus is on life and how to live it well. Looking at the dynamics between men and women in relationship, and at the challenges faced as individuals in finding an integral, enjoyable, and meaningful existence.

Our History

www.TheTempleSpace.com was originally set up in 2013 by Jodie and Mark to provide workshops for life improvement. We ran events and workshops in Australia on Western Tantra, Meditation, Drumming, and Life & Business Mastermind Groups as well as Personal Sessions.

Over time our work began to attract clientele from the sex industry, and we began to provide a variety of support and consultancy services to people working in the Adult industry.

Our Meditation and Tantra work took us from Australia to Bali, to India, to USA, to UK and back again.

Then in 2018 we took a hiatus from The Temple Space to further our own studies in Meditation and Tantric practices. During that time we wrote and published a book called “The Experience, A Gentleman’s Guide to Threesomes: Exploring Relationship, Sexual Energy & Western Tantra”

The title is deliberately cheeky, but it is for any adult interested in developing their relating skills, men and women, of any sexual persuasion or orientation. In it we shared all the things we had learnt about Tantra, along with exactly how to bring Tantra into relationship, as well as the value it can bring us when we do.


We have been inspired to return to working as The Temple Space, bringing our new learnings to bear on what we can offer. We will be providing sessions and workshops again over the course of 2020 and for the foreseeable future.

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